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fu fesの概要

東京に生まれたRie fuは、子供時代をアメリカで過ごし、後にロンドンので美術を学んだアーティストです。高校時代にはPalm Beach music labelと契約しましたが、後に独立し(株)Rie fu を設立しました。
fu fesと名付けられた彼女のミニツアーは、7/15に東京・原宿のVacantからスタート。このツアーは、ただの音楽ライブではありません。バッグやステッカーなどのアート作品を手がけるアーティストとのコラボレーション・イベントは、Rie fuの素晴らしいライブ・パフォーマンスに加え、アート作品のショーケースでもあります。参加者は、実際に作品を購入することもできます。







fu fesが開催された原宿のVacantは、観客・スタッフ合わせて140人を収容可能。可愛らしく、とてもくつろげるスペースです。
すり鉢状の客席にはクッションが置かれ、キャラメル色の木目の壁と併せて、イベントに心地よさ・暖かさを演出してくれます。Rie fuのパフォーマンスにはぴったりの場所であると同時に、カラフルな作品を引き立てるのにとても良い環境でした。


fu fes Tokyoは、PeaTiXが応援するイベントの非常に良い例です。大規模なものでなくても、ユニークで特別なイベントは参加者にとって忘れられない時間になります。PeaTiXは、そのための力になれると信じています。
PeaTiXは、8/19の大阪8/20の京都のイベントもサポートします。Thanks Rie!




**Special thanks to Taishi and the AATJ crew for promotional and event support.



Rie Fu is a musician and fine artist born and raised in Tokyo. She spent some time in the U.S. as a child, and studied fine art in London at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. In high school she signed with Sony’s Palm Beach music label, but has recently become an independent artist while also starting her own company Rie Fu Inc.

Fu Fest, Rie’s summer mini-tour, kicked off with Fu Fest Tokyo at Vacant in Harajuku on Sunday July 15th. Fu Fest Tokyo however, wasn’t a typical live music event. Aside from Rie’s wonderful performance, the event also featured a group of handpicked designers showcasing their work – custom made handmade bags, key chains, stickers, and postcards – which were all available for purchase.

The performance

Rie performed two sets each about 45 minutes to 1 hour long. With her two guitars and her gentle voice and warm personality, she put on a show for the 130 fans in attendance. Throughout the night, she looked very comfortable on stage. She laughed and entertained the audience with her delightful personality, and in between songs she answered questions about her life, music and career. The audience members seemed very pleased throughout the performance and many left with a smile on their face.

A different element

Aside from the music, the event featured a variety of different designers who showcased and sold their work. After every three or four songs, Rie invited each designer on stage for a brief interview about their work, which was on display at the event. Not only did the attendees have the opportunity to buy custom-made specialty items, they got a close look into the world of each designer and the inspiration behind their work.

The venue

Vacant, located in Harajuku, is an intimate and charming space. The show, held on the second floor of the building, accommodated about 140 fans, artists and staff. The caramel-colored wooden walls and the cushiony amphitheater-style seating arrangement added an extra coziness and warmth to the show. Vacant was a nice compliment to Rie’s performance and it was a great backdrop for the colorful work on display.

An unforgettable evening

Fu Fest Tokyo is a great example of the kinds of events PeaTiX loves to support. We believe every event is unique and special, and that is why we are committed to helping all types of event organizers make their event unforgettable. We look forward to supporting Rie’s upcoming events in Osaka on August 19th, in Kyoto on August 20th, and into the future. Thanks Rie!

**Special thanks to Taishi and the AATJ crew for promotional and event support.

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