Unable to attend? Support the event organiser with Peatix’s Contributions feature.

As an event organiser, have you ever had supporters who could not attend your event but still wanted to help you financially? Today, Peatix releases a beta feature that allows your supporters to contribute from your event page directly, even if they are elsewhere and unable to go for your event.

Peatix’s new Contributions feature is inspired by our users: we have many organisers who wished they could accept contributions from the same event page. We have also heard from organisers that their events run on tight budgets – incremental contributions help with their balances.

Support events with contributions

As requested by our users, we have kept things simple with this beta release. Supporters can choose any of the four amounts of $5, $10, $20 or $30 and contribute anonymously or indicate their names and e-mail addresses, without the need for a Peatix account. The contributions are straightforward as they are not tied to rewards or offers to contributors.

For a clearer idea of how this works, read about the feature and pricing details in our help page.

We are always working on improving our product. Have questions or feedback? We look forward to hearing from you!