Singapore Theatre: Speaking directly to your audience with Peatix

As Peatix approaches our first anniversary in Singapore, we look back at our year in Singapore theatre.

Technology and the theatre experience
In today’s world, we record every minor road accident, then upload it to Youtube. We nurture relationships over social media and chat apps, when we used to express love writing letters.

How technology exposes our emotional conversations was the theme examined by the theatre productions Poor Thing by The Necessary Stage and Scroll by Bound Theatre.

Scroll by Bound Theatre

Technology is also shaping how theatre audiences interact with plays real-time. For example, during Poor Thing, a production that explores what drives road rage in Singapore, the audience was encouraged to log on to Facebook and comment on the online videos.


From ticketing Poor Thing and Scroll, Peatix witnessed Singapore buyers expecting the convenience of technology – for example tickets arriving in their email at no extra cost instead of having to pick them up. Event attendees are shifting their purchases online, the way airline tickets have all gone.

Mobile ticketing by Peatix

Communities still require the personal touch
Beyond fostering conversations online, Peatix brings people together in-person. We are not only a tweet away, we are also happy to meet face-to-face. We enjoy attending shows, and support our organisers wherever we can, including helping them check guests in at the door.

Peatix supporting events

We connect communities through our community events series called Backstage Pass (sessions #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6) for event organisers to meet, learn and collaborate. We embrace community-building efforts by partners, including the Matchbox Mayhem series by the NAC Youth Arts team.

Backstage Pass by Peatix homegrownSG

Getting the word out
The media community in Singapore has been very supportive of events on Peatix. We have been frequently featured in magazines and newspapers including I-S magazine, City Nomads, Harper’s Bazaar, the Straits Times, the Business Times and the June 2014 Time Out Singapore cover story “30 things we love about theatre in Singapore”.

Singapore media on Peatix

We supplement the external media outreach with promotional tools we throw in for free: our weekly newsletter Peatix Scoop, event listing and event search page. On our blog, we write a series of “Behind the Scene” interviews. Take a look at some of them:
Alvin Tan and Haresh Sharma of The Necessary Stage on Poor Thing
Benjamin Ho of Paper Monkey Theatre
Izad Omar and Jay Jamali of KreatiV OutBox on MAN
Jasmine and Zi Wei of Matchbox Mayhem
Scroll, an original by Bound Theatre

MAN by Kreativ Outbox

Peatix is discovery-friendly: we help build on your word-of-mouth
We provide a suite of tools to promote your event. Our “Social Share Program” allows you to incentivise ticket buyers with 10% off by sharing on Facebook or Twitter. Ticket buyers also receive personalised recommendations on our mobile app.

With these mechanisms to sell more seats by helping friends bring friends, theatre companies can focus on pushing the boundaries artistically, like Avant Theatre with AKKA, or present timeless classics, like the Chinese Theatre Circle with Dream of the Red Chamber.

Spread the word

Peatix is pocket-friendly: we’re free to use for free events
Productions by TheatreWorks: Sublime Monsters and Virtual Children, Serunding Returns, productions held at The Republic Cultural Centre (including One Green Bird by LASALLE, The Prince & I by Drama IG) and Golden Fruit directed by Cake Theatrical Productions, 11 Ways by Teater Ekamatra are free to attend, and Peatix doesn’t charge anything to organisers of free events.

Theatreworks Serunding Returns and Sublime Monsters Virtual Children

Peatix is attendee-friendly: no hidden fees
We offer a transparent and flat rate to our organisers. For attendees, we do not sneak in any fees – what you see is nett and what you pay for.

Peatix is family-friendly
Start the theatre-going habit early! We’re proud to support Paper Monkey Theatre for their productions Looking for Mama and The Legend of Nezha.
Family friendly theatre on Peatix