SingaPlural: Celebrating design on the little red dot

2014 marks the year of many inaugurals for the design industry in Singapore, in sync with our efforts to etch ourselves into the higher echelons of design repute.

Singapore Design Week

Singapore Design Week (SDW) 2014, organised by DesignSingapore Council and the first of its kind here is one such effort. SDW, happening between 10-16 March, will see over 50 local and international design activities at the National Design Centre and other venues throughout the week, creating a platform for design conversations, thinking and innovation to occur. We’re bubbling with excitement and anticipation as the week approaches!

The anchor event of SDW, SingaPlural, although already in its third year running, will also see its fair share of firsts – the inaugural Singapore Business Design Summit and Singapore Good Design Award Mark (SG-Mark) Exhibition. For anyone with a love for design or a penchant for all things creative, here are eight events you should check out and not miss out on at SingaPlural.

SDW SingaPlural

In All Seriousness
Furniture Design Forum
On the theme “Rethinking Design”, the forum features three renowned international guest speakers, Claudio Colucci, David Carlson and Tim Power. Going beyond design thinking, it aims to instil a spirit of entrepreneurship among designers too. Be a part of the interactive forum and meet like-minded individuals!

Singapore Business Design Summit
Design is present and plays an integral role in almost every facet of our lives, notwithstanding business. Hear from guest speakers and obtain hands-on learning on interweaving design with business at the inaugural summit.

SDW Green Pavillion

Open Access
Design Conversations
Join and meet accomplished industry professionals in a cosy setting as they share their thoughts and ideas on design.

Green Pavilion
Learn the importance of going green and incorporating environmental sustainability into design, and its impact for creating ethical and sustainable businesses.

48 Hours Challenge
Witness how retail spaces can transform from empty and formless to sensorial and functional, creating a shopping experience to remember for mall-goers.

30 life stories

Family Day Out
Book Launch by PLUS collaboratives
Captured in short quotes and lighthearted photography, “My Mother Says…” will be one to laugh about and reminisce upon as we think of all the times we’ve followed or passed on old wives tales, just in case.

30 LifeStories – Remembering Parks
Take a walk in the park and down memory lane with 30 creative installations by Singapore designers and artists using salvaged logs from our local parks and gardens in reminiscence of times spent there.

Singapore Good Design Mark (SG Mark) Exhibition
The SG Mark emulates Japan’s prestigious Good Design Mark (G Mark), giving due recognition to products and services that enhance an industry or quality of life through its design. In the same month the SG Mark was launched in Singapore, Peatix was awarded with the G Mark in Japan! You can view the pioneer batch of SG Mark projects at the National Design Centre this month.

Image credit: Singapore Design Week 2014, SingaPlural

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