Scroll, an original play by Bound Theatre

With five stools and a black box, Bound Theatre astutely enacted and explored the changing dynamics of courtship and relationships within a short span of three generations. Presenting Scroll, their latest production and original play.

Scroll, by Bound Theatre

Injected with a good dose of side-splitting humour and reminiscent of the good old 80s and 90s, we were transported through an era where communication lagged as we patiently awaited to receive snail mail, to more recent times where we could connect in real-time over the telephone, through a pager, or on instant messaging portals, and finally to today where immediate connectivity is made possible with smartphones, tablets, and mobile apps.

But one thing remains: As communications technology speeds up in advancement, are we as a human race truly progressing or regressing in connectivity?

As Scroll would suggest, perhaps not.

The juxtaposition of one scene stood out in stark simplicity yet powerfully conveying a message to our “connected” generation: We’re connected, yet disconnected.

Basking in the glow of our screens and scrolling our days away, are we forgetting, neglecting or leaving behind what matters more? Are we compromising genuine connectivity for an obsessive almost compulsive need for instantaneous news? Are we seeking for false affirmation on our vast social networks instead of relating with the few in our inner circle, the people who really care?

These are some of the themes explored in Scroll, a true to life depiction of what is and could be.

Technological connectivity isn’t all that bad though! It definitely has its upsides (but that’s for another play altogether). At the end of the day, Scroll leaves its audience with a timely reminder to be discerning about our overly connected lives lest we miss out on things that truly matter.

Well scripted, talented thespians, and a real joy to watch! Kudos to Bound Theatre. #supportlocal

Image Credit: Bound Theatre

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