Say what? 5 Free Event Listings!

Bookmark this list, you’ll want to refer to it next time you’re thinking of getting the word out for your upcoming event, FOR FREE.

1. Six Degrees

Six Degrees

Genre: Design-related events
Lead time: No mention, but ample should suffice
Information required: Event title, snazzy event description, contact details, event details, RSVP method, and an eye-catching swanky image (300×300 pixels square).
Getting listed: Join the open Six Degrees Facebook group and post an event, subject to admin curation based on content quality.

If you’ve got an event in the design field, this Facebook group’s perfect to reach your target audience of 763 members (and counting) in the creative community! On top of the Facebook group, you could also list your event on the Six Degrees site. Only thing is, you’ll need to be a Six Degrees premium or organisational member to post events. Although, there’s no holds barred to first try it out as a basic member for free and be part of the creative network of over 5600 individuals and organisations.

2. Blackmarket


Genre: What Quincy said… Any events related to art & design, gigs and music.
Lead time: Well, it’s up to you but earlier the better to get more publicity?
Information required: Event information that’s succinct, creative, with a dash of wit.
Getting listed: Join the Blackmarket Facebook group and you’re good to go!

Quick and easy platform to post information about your upcoming awesome events! Curation is at your discretion but be gracious to the community and post events that will be relevant and enriching to the art & design, gigs and music industry.

3. Yelp


Genre: Any genre, it’s a free rein
Lead time: Anytime but time is king in getting the word out, so as much time as possible is good!
Information required: Category, when, where, cost, what/why, event site URL, tickets URL
Getting listed: Simply submit an event here

The Yelp community, they’re a fun-loving event-seeking crowd who’s on the site because they’re on the lookout for things to do in Singapore! From food and drink, to art and culture, to music, to theatre, to start-up events – you name it, they have it.

4. Happenings, Life!

macdemarco life!

Genre: Club parties, restaurant parties, gigs, charity, sports, talks, classes, festivals, food, arts, films, tours, pets, kids and more.
Lead time: 2 weeks ahead of the event date    
Information required: Event name, organiser, venue, date/time, ticket price, nearest MRT, where to get tickets. Also provide your name, address, and contact number for them to get in touch with you!
Getting listed: Email or fax 6319 8276. The print and digital listings are curated by the editors.

Everyone reads The Straits Times in Singapore, right? No better place to have your event listed than in the Life! section. Here’s a tip: To increase your chances of getting your event listed, look up previous listed events to get an idea on how to frame your event as the next must-go. With a generous 5 page spread in print, we’re sure there’s room for one more interesting Peatix event.

5. The List

The List

Genre: Start ups, entrepreneurship, beer, books, networking, meet-ups, design, travel and technology
Lead time: They send out a newsletter every Monday so be sure to give sufficient lead time if you’d like to have a chance at being featured in it.
Information required: Email, description of your event, type of event, how often, date, day, time, venue, website
Getting listed: 2 options to either post it on their Facebook wall or fill out a super short form!

We love both “F” words in the tagline – Fun and (mostly) Free. A chronological listing of events makes finding interesting events straightforward. There’s even an option to copy the event’s details to one’s Gmail calendar! And if that’s not all, Kristine (curator of The List), sends out a weekly newsletter of hand-picked recommendations.

P.S. Check out her tips on reaching out to your audience here.

Did you know?

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