PechaKucha Night x INSEAD: An Insightful and Evocative Chit-Chat

Pecha Kucha (or chit-chat in Japanese) Night was first coined to shorten the traditionally lengthy architectural presentations into a more concise format. Using 20 images with 20 seconds per image, each presentation is delivered to pack a punch.

In Singapore, Pecha Kucha Nights are held bi-monthly, this time being its first collaboration with INSEAD at the beautiful venue of the Asian Civilisations Museum.


Many attendees arrived early in eager anticipation and were checked in within a few seconds upon them showing their PeaTiX in-app ticket. The lesser time they spent at registration, the more time they had to network prior to the event’s start!

The evening’s line-up of charismatic and evocative speakers delivered compelling presentations. We share some of our key insights from the evening.


On Entrepreneurship and Innovation:

1. Juliette Miremont Morton – Founder,
In adapting to a local environment, an expatriate entrepreneur will need the three “P”s – Patience, a Plan B, and Practical innovation.

2. Manuel Sosa – Associate Professor, Technology and Operations Management, INSEAD
To be an innovator, it is important to integrate design and business skills, and most importantly, to have a true passion for innovation.

3. Roger Egan – Founder and CEO, RedMart
He shared the how-tos on assembling, leading, and inspiring a dream team for a start-up. It begins with knowing ones strengths and flaws, to choosing the right partners with complementary skills, to formulating a hiring philosophy to suit the company culture.

On Causes for Social Impact:

1. Vinayagan Dharmarajah – Associate Director, Legal and Administration, INSEAD
Destroying forests contributes to global warming, impacts biodiversity, and the livelihoods and homes of the local people. A call to action to conserve forests through the Birdlife Forests of Hope Programme. Don’t simply know the facts, instead, alter them for the better.

2. Olivier Carnohan – CEO, Singtel Softbank !nnoVentures
VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) – such is the world we might be leaving for future generations. We can make a difference now by micro-financing macro-impacting projects on KIVA, Indiegogo, and Kickstarter, just to name a few.

3. Chen Weiwen – INSEAD MBA Class of 2013
The three barriers to embarking on self-improvement amongst low-wage workers in Singapore are a lack of self-belief or confidence, social isolation, and lack of access to resources. I-NRICH is a local initiative that demonstrates the power of peer support groups to empower action amongst individuals in striving for a better standard of living.

On Inspirational Mindsets:

1. Loren I. Shuster, Country Director for Singapore & Emerging Markets, Google
Diagnosing the modern day multi-tasker with adult ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and stating the key qualities of the best performing leaders as having self and social mastery. What do these have in common? Mindfulness, antidote for the former and essence of the latter. Essentially, it begs the provocation: Are our minds full or are we mindful.

2. Sue Adams – Executive Coach, Bamboo Coaching and Consulting
Debunking the “myth of scarcity”, Sue gives a different perspective to the glass half-full or half-empty analogy: In pursuit of progression, innovation, and self-development, it is also important to cut ourselves some slack by asking “What do I have or have done today that was just enough?”

3. Neil Bearden – Associate Professor, Decision Sciences, INSEAD
Appreciate the distinctions in life for that is what makes life more interesting! Consider this, wine isn’t simply just wine. It’s red and white, dry and sweet, light and full-bodied, chilled and warmed, and you get the picture. It promotes a greater appreciation of the things around us and would surely make you a more interesting person to talk to or learn from.

What a fantastic night of insight, learning and a call to action. It was a brilliantly executed event, kudos to the event organisers!

The PeaTiX team definitely enjoyed supporting this event through ticketing and registration. If you enjoyed Pecha Kucha Night or missed out on it this time, you may simply follow Pecha Kucha Night Singapore in our app or online to be the first in the know of upcoming ones.

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A similar event happening 9-10 November 2013 is the Chaos Asia – 88 presenters over 2 days with 180 seconds to speak about innovation, a passion, and anything under the sun. Check it out here.

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