Party Planner: How to throw a “Frozen” themed kids birthday party

Frozen took the world by storm last November and we’re sure it’s either crossed your mind to throw your kid a “Frozen” themed birthday party or you’ve got excitable kids asking for one.

Frozen cover image

Have you been wrapping your head around brainstorming for ideas? Chill out, let it go, leave it to us, we’ve got it all thought out for you right here.

Gather RSVPs on a Frozen-themed event page

Highly customisable and easy to set-up, you can create a Frozen-themed event page to gather RSVPs from parents in minutes.

Frozen themed Peatix event page

How’s it better than Facebook? Simply because parents are such busy folks, there are four good reasons a Peatix event page is better:
1. If your invited guests are unsure about being able to take their kids to your party just yet, they can click the “Remind me later” button and an email reminder about the event will be sent to them three days prior.
2. An automated email reminder will also be sent a day before your child’s party so parents will not forget amidst their busy schedules!
3. You could also easily send out a personalised message via the dashboard to all who’ve RSVPed about party details they should know all at one go rather than informing each parent individually. The message will arrive straight in their email and in-app inboxes.
4. You could use the form to automatically collect dietary requirements that children might have when parents RSVP on the Peatix event page.


Decorations for a Frozen look

Blue Drapes

Drape blue crepe paper across the ceiling to add a princess-like ballroom touch.

Lay cotton wool on the entire lunch or dessert table for a snowy illusion.

Blow balloons in different shades of blue and stick them on the wall with double-sided tape in the shape of a giant snowflake. It’ll make for a great photo backdrop too!

Get crafty and make paper snowflakes you can hang from the ceiling.

Paper snowflakes

Music to chill out to

Search for the “Frozen (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack/Deluxe Edition)” playlist on Spotify (available on desktop, iOS, and Android) and stream the music on-demand throughout the entire party. It’s free, but you can also upgrade to Premium to enjoy offline music uninterrupted by ads.

Drinks that’ll delight

Snowman milk, Frozen-inspired

Have you tried frozen grapes? They make a perfect snack for a hot day and a good replacement for ice cubes you can place in fruit juice without watering it down.

You could also serve up blueberry smoothies for a good brain freeze or a healthy dose of bottled fresh milk decorated to look like a snowman.

Desserts that’ll please

Frozen Olaf cupcakes

It’s not a Frozen party if there’s no ice-cream or frozen yoghurt! Either get a tub of your child’s favourite flavour or better yet, order an ice-cream cake – we hear local ice-cream store, Udders, makes pretty princess ones perfect for a Disney princess-themed birthday!

But if you fancy a less messy option, you could whip up these Olaf cupcakes that’s bound to get kids (and adults) squealing in excitement.

Play dress up!

Frozen - Elsa and Anna costumes

Set up a dress up corner – My Mini-Me rents out Queen Elsa and Princess Anna costumes at a really affordable price of $10 and sell a whole load of other Frozen props like wands and necklaces.

Learn to braid hair like Elsa‘s and Anna‘s and set up a hair-braiding station! Have some baby powder on hand to sprinkle onto the kids’ heads to re-create Elsa’s snowy-white hair.

Set up a crown making station complete with snow-patterned paper, scissors, glue, buttons, ribbons, and all sorts of knick-knacks you can find around the house and teach the kids to make crowns like these.

Olaf games and craft

Pin Olaf

Pin Olaf’s nose (a twist on pin the donkey): Print out an A3 size picture of Olaf without his carrot nose as well as Olaf’s carrot nose. Mark a cross on Olaf where his nose should be pinned at and put the image up on a wall. Blindfold and spin the child five times, guide the child towards the Olaf poster for them to pin his nose on. The winner’s the child who pins the nose closest to the cross!

Do you want to build a snowman? We’re sure the kids would love to, and you can, even in Singapore’s tropical weather! Prepare these items and let their imagination run wild: An outline of a snowman (i.e. draw a smaller circle on top of a bigger circle), cotton wool, wiggly eyes, pre-cut orange triangles for noses, buttons, and glitter.

Goodies to take home

Frozen Rock candy to take home

Make and pack blue rock candy that looks like ice crystals from Elsa’s ice palace.

Download and print out these Frozen stickers and paste them onto blue bubble bottles for kids to take home. In the tropics, bubbles are the new snowflakes!

You’re now all set with tips and tricks to plan a ball of a time for your child’s Frozen-themed birthday party, have fun!

Try Peatix for RSVPs to your child’s birthday party here.

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