Party Planner: Organise the next rad Halloween party, the green way

Halloween – though traditionally not a Singaporean festivity, come October 31st, many still like taking part in the annual trick-or-treating, dress-to-kill, and scare-yourself-silly affair!

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As you think about planning for the most popular horror night of the year (be it a personal or corporate event), how about considering going environmentally friendly with these green ideas?

1. Paper-Saving RSVPs
Instead of sending out paper invites, you could go green by using Peatix’s E-ticketing online and mobile platform for your personal or corporate Halloween party! It takes only a few minutes to set up the event page and serves as an effective way of getting RSVPs with many other tools to help you communicate with your guests including an in-app messaging feature!

2. Serving Food & Drinks the Environmentally Conscious Way

Pork Dumplings with Chilli Sesame Sauce. Image Source: Delish

Since food and drinks are (technically) biodegradable, we’re not too worried about going green on this other than urging you to go the extra green mile in using organic ingredients.

Something else we could do is to reduce wastage! Make an educated guess on how much you might need based on the guests attending. No one likes a stingy host, but an excessive one puts food relief efforts to shame.

When serving food, choose to cut back on plastic cutlery and offer re-usable ones instead! Alternatively, if you’re feeling lazy to do a pile of dishes after a great party, you could use compostable cutlery. Even if it might cost you slightly more time, money, or effort, it helps to think about the bigger environmental picture.

Last but not least, no Halloween party is complete without some red wine or fruit punch to add some thematic “gore”. Remember to recycle those drink bottles!

Halloween Drink

Image Source: Blessed Mom

3. DIY Decorations
Rachel Ray Halloween

Image Source: Rachel Ray

Pumpkin – the Halloween cult favourite, yet it could be so much more than the cliché cut out of two eyes, one nose and a devilish grin. Pumpkin decorating with a modern touch is all the rage here. After the party, you could dig out all that awesome pumpkin flesh to concoct one of these 50 pumpkin dishes.

Trick or treat goodie bags are another quintessentially Halloween facet. Instead of plastic ones this year, how about re-using milk cartons?


Image Source: Khali

Other awesome DIY Halloween décor ideas using recycled books, tin cans, mason-jar covers, and even a solar lamp could amaze and inspire others to go green at future parties too.

DIY book pumpkin

DIY pumpkin from recycled books. Image Source: Jacki

4. Themes with a Green Twist

Image Source: Sangita Lal

Themes can be a lot of fun, be creative! A slew of websites offer suggestions for Halloween party themes so instead of delving into an exhaustive list we’d like to suggest a slight twist. You guessed it, to go green! Get guests to use costume materials that can be recycled after the party like toilet paper, cardboard, old stockings and so on. You could also encourage renting costumes or costume swaps amongst guests! That way, they get re-used instead of being worn once and left to the forgotten depths of a wardrobe.

5. Green Games
Halloween Games

Image Source: Daily Candy

To spice up the night, here are three unique games that requires mostly just humans and some reusable materials.

– “Halloween Film Festival Game” where your guests will charade a popular horror film with others taking a stab at what it might be.

Murder in the Dark – A twist to the classic kids game, hide-and-seek, yet fun for adults and kids alike.

The Grave Keeper – Kids will love this Halloween alternative to peek-a-boo.

6. The Aftermath

Re-use or recycle! Even consider upcycling some of that “trash” into handy items like making a pouch out of a Halloween candy wrapper. What a nifty idea.

Skittles turned pouch

Image Source: Vanessa

As you can see, it is possible to go green and yet still have an awesomely fun Halloween party with all the quintessential Halloween components. May the green force be with you as you plan for your next Halloween party!

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Claire Ding

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