Behind the Scenes: Jasmine & Zi Wei of Matchbox

MATCHBOX is a call for creative arts projects by passionate youth and a place to learn how-to, get mentorship, network and receive funding.  If it sounds a little open-ended, that is meant to be.  The program is designed to support young Singaporeans who are just embarking on their artistic adventures.

Peatix goes behind the scenes with Jasmine and Zi Wei, the dynamic pair behind MATCHBOX and the recent Mayhem party:


MATCHBOX’s previous identity “Pocket Rocket” had a strong following – what prompted the fresh start?

Well, we had a nice cosy community of friends and fans of Pocket Rocket – amazing support from them, if we might say so! But we wanted to do more, for even more young people. MATCHBOX marks a new beginning for us, making a statement as the bold, edgy and indie. It represents the energy and potential of so many young creative folk, and we hope it will inspire even more through the head start MATCHBOX provides for fresh yet great art.

How did you decide on using parties like Mayhem as the way to reach out to creative youths?

What better way to inspire young creatives than through other young creatives? Mayhem allows us to bring folks together to share or hear of ideas, glean fresh perspectives on the arts, and hopefully, in the process, push those with brewing ideas over their creative edges. It’s also great when we see a bunch of people finding new collaborators/supporters/fans for their ideas, or finding breakthroughs in the feedback from the crowd.


For free events, it is always a challenge to get registered people to show up – what tricks do you use?

No tricks – just good ol’ solid programming. No one wants to miss being inspired!

What do you hope to see from MATCHBOX alumni five years from now?

All we want is to see the folks who come through our doors inspired enough to keep making art. The idea of being a firestarter is that you catch the fire, then go inspire. Imagine the power of a growing bunch of creative young people impacting society with their art!

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