Hello Singapore, we are here to energise your events!

Hello Singapore, we are here to energise your events!

After growing up in Japan for the past two years and supporting over 10,000 events, our little Pea has finally made his way to you in Singapore!  We are really appreciative of all the organisers who have supported us so far and our awesome investors who have trusted us to pursue our dream to be in Singapore as well as in New York City.


Organising an event is tough enough, so PeaTiX is all about enabling you to create, ticket and manage events in a way that’s effortless and affordable (or free).  We are excited to be in Singapore to support you – you organisers of anything from circus act workshops to speaker series, and, of course, Japanese “sit down comedy”.

We respect event organisers for the hard work you put in to deliver special one of a kind experiences that touch people’s lives.  All the free admission events will be forever free!  On top of that, we offer you extremely low and transparent ticketing fees for your paid events: 2.9% + SGD$0.99 per ticket order.  To save your precious time and resources, we collect all the money (yes, you do not have to set up a paypal account) and transfer payments directly to your local bank account.  We’ve also come up with easy-to-use, self-service mobile and web applications to help you directly track sales trends, promote your events and check attendees in.

Have you ever had people waiting to get in to your events?  Say goodbye to long lines with our iPhone/android apps and Scan Box (free rental available upon request).

We are incredibly excited to be in Singapore because we have witnessed the recent growth of high quality homegrown events and their potential to attract wonderful talent from all over the world.  Festivals from overseas have also started launching their first Asian offshoots here.  Combine that with great public transportation, and it is not surprising that Singapore’s events calendars are buzzing with activity.  As attendees, you can follow your favourite organisers, see recommended events and buy tickets right from your iPhone / Android app or PeaTiX.com.  Need help?

If you’re not using PeaTiX already, log on to peatix.com or download PeaTiX’s mobile apps to discover great events or organise some of your own.  As part of our launch, we are throwing a party and offering limited waivers on ticketing fees.  Our CEO Taku has said if you meet certain (secret) criteria, you can sell tickets completely free! Interested?  Drop us a note at CrazyCEO@peatix.com – we’d love to hear from you!

Emi Takemura
Peatix Asia Pte.

Press Release: PeaTiX Announces $3 million Series A Funding Led by Fidelity Growth Partners Japan

For your information, here are some of the great events run over the past year.


Singapore Team