Getting to the event venue on time with the Peatix mobile app

The classic dilemma for organiser in Singapore is: should I begin the event on time to reward the punctual, or should I delay the start to ensure that no one misses out?  Well, getting the attendees to use the Peatix mobile app could solve that problem!

Having the venue information not just as an address, but in a live map app with directions would save your attendees from the anxiety of looping around the neighbourhood when they are already running late.

Here are the easy steps:
1) Download the Peatix app from the iOS store or Google Play
2) Launch the app and sign-in with your account
3) Select the event
4) Tap the map button to display the venue location

Maps on the Peatix app

5) Open the map in your installed map apps like Google Maps or Apple Maps for directions to the venue

Maps on the Peatix app

Now attendees can spend more time at your event learning, connecting and having fun!