Food Factor: 6 Unconventional and Innovative Event Caterers

Food, it’s second to none in an average Singaporean’s list of priorities. Serve up good food at an event and it gets people talking. Serve up food that delivers unconventional and unique experiences? The next thing you know, pictures are up on every social media network. Food can be a powerful word-of-mouth medium that etches long-lasting memories of your event into your attendee’s minds.

Here are 6 event caterers that made the unconventional and innovative cut:

Meals on Wheels
The food trucks are back with a modern edge! Back in the day, we could get wanton mee, ice kachang, rojak and more on a travelling cart. Now, meals on wheels have upsized to truck size whipping up innovative dishes at Kerbside Gourmet and The Travelling C.O.W.

Food Kerbside Gourmet

Image Source: Kerbside Gourmet

Kerbside Gourmet’s (remember them from Peatix Singapore’s launch party?) signature dish is a pea puree with a 62 degree Celcius egg. Also a social enterprise, they’re currently partnering with Bettr Barista for an annual buy-a-meal, give-a-meal fundraiser! You can track their whereabouts here. Cost: Varies / Contact: 9298 4888

Food COW

Image Source: The Travelling C.O.W.

The Travelling C.O.W.’s (Chefs on Wheels) menu constantly evolves each week to keeps things fresh and everyone on their toes ready to dash to the C.O.W.‘s pop-up point for the week. The resident chef, Chef Ling, was trained at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris! It’s no wonder she seems well versed with a wealth of ingredients, enough to concoct a unique menu for your next event. Cost: Starts from $6/meal / Contact: 9818 6636

Private Chefs for Hire
Picture this: You’re with a bunch of close friends in an intimate setting. Your very own private chef is in the kitchen whipping up dishes fit for a Michelin-starred restaurant. All this in the comfort and privacy of your own home!

Food Private Chef

Image Source: My Private Chef

Sounds surreal? Not quite with My Private Chef’s portfolio of 10 chefs for hire.  Depending on your budget, you could choose from the likes of Chef Damien Le Bihan, previously the general manager of Guy Savoy at MBS and now the executive chef of Deliciae, to the hearty and award-winning Peranakan cuisine of Chef Nicole Loh. Take your pick with My Private Chef for your next private dinner, management meeting, or corporate event. Cost: Varies / Contact: 8123 1800

Creative Canapés


Image Source: Friends Alley Catering & Events

If you’re looking for light finger food for your event, Friends Alley Catering & Events have an appealing Instagram-worthy selection of canapés. Just looking at their pictures makes us want to take a bite out of our screen. From Asian to Western options, these bite-sized morsels are sure to pack a gastronomic punch to the palate. Cost: $15-$32 per person / Contact: 6542 5679

Desserts to Please

Food Saybons

Image Source: Saybons

There’s always an extra stomach for desserts right? How about some piping hot Saybons dessert crepes served up at a mobile crepe station for your event! That would make a definite crowd pleaser. Cost: $9-$13.50 per person + $90 set-up fee (includes an actual crepe chef) / Contact: 9151 3132

Food Bacon Sandwich

Image Source: The Ice Cream Cookie Co.

If ice cream’s more your type of dessert for an event, check out The Ice Cream & Cookie Co., Singapore’s first ice cream sandwich company. All handmade using only the finest ingredients, their mindfully matched pastry sandwiches provide an innovative and fun culinary experience! It gives attendees something to remember an event by, even long after it’s happened. Cost: $5-$6.90 per sandwich / Contact: Order online here

Oishii Japan 2013

Image Source: Oishii Japan 2013

On that note, here’s an upcoming food event hosted on Peatix with a focus on the Japanese food and beverage industry – Oishii Japan 2013! Affordably priced at $4 for public entry on 19th October, you’ll be able to witness three top ramen chefs on-site, sample top of the range sake served by a sake samurai, discover the anatomy of Japanese wagyu, and so much more. Get tickets here.

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Claire Ding

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