Event Publicity: Getting ahead in 2014

Community, a buzz-word in the start-up scene. We at Peatix, however, definitely aren’t embracing it just because it’s the new ‘it’ word.

Backstage Pass, Peatix's community event for organisers

There are two reasons why we organise Backstage Pass, our community event for organisers.
1. To be in the shoes of event organisers, otherwise, how could we claim to understand the pain points?
2. Backstage Pass is created for you (i.e. organisers), curated by you. Bringing relevant insights to the table, creating an avenue for creative interaction and being a part of the melting pot for a super exciting events scene in Singapore is all a part of what we do!

Event Publicity: Getting ahead in 2014
If you’ve missed out on our third Backstage Pass session, not to worry, we have you covered below.

Everyone agrees

Nothing beats being there in person of course. Everyone agrees.

Cozied up amongst each other in the warm ambience of Lowercase, we were all ears with our pens at the ready to jot down notes and a bottle of Naked water at our sides to quench our thirst.

Event organisers jotting notes and listening intently to the speakers at Backstage Pass

First speaker: Alex Linton of City Nomads
Alex took to the spotlight and began his talk with a vibrant sense of energy, spilling the beans on events curation and trends in events for 2014.

So how exactly do online media such as City Nomads curate events to feature on their site? Alex gave us the low-down. Essentially, much discernment is exercised as they actively scour social media, other websites and walk around town to see what’s new or what’s going on! Out of all the events they come across, they only choose to publish 30%-40%. What is it about these events that makes the curative cut?

– The events interest the editorial team and make a good fit with their readership.
– The events are cool, interesting or unique!

Based on their curation criteria, it’s safe to say that your event will not be listed on every single media outlet as each has its own editorial focus and differing readership. Find out what they are!

More importantly, focus on Alex’s next 5 pointers for organising events and you’ll be generating media interest in no time.

1. Do something that is unique, fun and playful
2. Stick to the theme
3. Working with the right people who are as passionate as you
4. Ensure your licenses (i.e. food and beverage, smoking) are secured
5. Take a step back and have a bird’s eye view in planning your event

As for trends in events for 2014, here are his picks – more pop-up events, street festivals and performances, and even more food events! Are you trending with the times?

Second speaker: Mylinh Cheung of Epic PR
Mylinh quickly eased into her presentation and gave us the tricks and tools of the public relations trade on whom and how to approach the media for events publicity.

Singapore’s event landscape is in the range of approximately 3600 events in a year. That’s a lot of events for a tiny island, culminating in stiff competition for media attention.

Who can we approach in the media? Mylinh breaks it down into 9 categories: daily newspapers (TODAY, ZaoBao, ST Life! Sunday Times, Business Times Executive lifestyle section), magazines (both lifestyle and special interest), street titles (I-S, weekender, Juice), online media (Honeycombers, InSing.com, CityNomads, Popspoken), broadcast (Radio and TV), in-flight magazines (KrisFlyer, Silkwinds), Chambers of Commerce, Singapore Tourism Board, and bloggers.

Now that we know what’s out there in the Singapore media scene, how do we approach journalists to get them interested in publicising our event?

In sum, Mylinh has a slew of tips for us: Know the media and learn their deadlines, have a good spokesperson, have good visuals, give a media preview of your event, find and tell the story behind your event, be targeted in who you approach in the media for the first interview but avoid giving exclusivity, provide a free pass, give a great goodie bag and press kit, and last but not least, hire an epic PR agency!

Remember, journalists are people too so treat them nicely and understand their jobs. They’re as busy, if not busier than most. If you make their jobs easier by providing them with what they need and want to write your story, you’re more likely to see your event publicised in the media.

60 second event idea publicity pitch

An event-ful Backstage Pass
On top of the talks, some attendees had a 60-second opportunity to publicise their event to the crowd.

Dawn of Hub Adventures, Imee of The Real Escape Game, Richard of TedxSingapore, Jasmine of Matchbox, and Ellen of 22 Experience were just some of the event organisers who gave the audience an enlightening and lighthearted insight into the events they pour their heart and soul into. Curious as to what they’re about? It’s best to find out by simply attending one of their events!

With that, it was a wrap to the evening with more drinks, much talking, and a nifty goodie bag to takeaway.

Peatix Team, the people who brought you Backstage Pass

The Peatix team who brought you Backstage Pass

Join us for our next one
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Claire Ding is the Community Manager at ticketing platform Peatix in Singapore. She runs a community event for organisers, Backstage Pass , where organisers connect with others and learn tips on event management. Quite the thrill-seeker, Claire’s gone skydiving, bungee jumping, and enjoys anything that puts her on edge (quite literally), it’s no wonder she’s in the business of events with never a dull moment!