Creating events made easy pea-sy on mobile!

Mobile event win

Yes, you can now create and manage events from the convenience of your mobile phone or tablet! We understand that many an event organiser’s busy and on-the-go in putting together the various facets of an event, and so, might not always have access to a laptop or PC with the mobile phone becoming the next best bet to internet access.

If you’re reading this on mobile, tap over to Peatix to test mobile event creation first hand! Otherwise, let us show you what exactly mobile event creation and management looks like:

1. An event is born

Mobile event creation

As soon as the day, time and location of the event are known, you are ready to begin your enchanted mobile journey.

2. Add some tickets!

Ticket creation on mobile

Next, create a few tickets. Or not. Whatever. You can always pick up later.

3. Cover photo + details

Mobile event management

We have officially reached the fun part! Upload a banner photo from your phone, and expand upon the event’s particulars.

4. Publish

Publish event on phone

And that’s literally the last step. You can have an event and tickets up and running in mere minutes, if not minute.

So there you have it, enjoy Peatix on mobile! Create an event for free on Peatix on your mobile today.