An exclusive with Indonesian Indie band, The Trees And The Wild

Happening tomorrowThe Trees And The Wild, an Indonesian Indie band with ethereal somber tropical notes, will be playing alongside Indie pop-rock band from the US, Deerhoof!

The Trees And The Wild + Deerhoof (USA)

Are you ready guys for an awesome knockout performance at *SCAPE’s The Ground Theatre? We’re absolutely psyched! But before we head there, we got the backdrop with an exclusive interview with The Trees And The Wild.

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An emerging Indie band with grand ambitions, you’ll want to get in on how they got discovered by a recording label (you’ll never guess) and their advice to budding artistes.

Figure8 Agency - The Trees And The Wild

How was the band formed and named? Is the band name a reflection of the music you create?

We have played since we were in university, we tried to create songs. We chose that name simply because we like that name.

Are there any bands out there whom have strongly influenced your music? What else inspires the sounds in your music?

Yes there are alot actually. We have different educational backgrounds that lead us to having various jobs. These various types of jobs makes us able to meet many different kinds of people with different attitude, social background, etc that influence the way we write songs.

As a band, you’ve visited Singapore three times before, what are you most looking forward to this time?

We’re looking forward to playing with Deerhoof again in a venue that we have never played at before, hopefully we’ll get a great atmosphere from the crowd.

What are some songs in the line-up for your fourth visit to Singapore? Do you think music can divide or unify cultures, though in different languages?

Some of the songs that we are going to perform are Tuah Sebak and Empati Tamako. I think it can be both ways, either unify or divide our culture, but in my opinion different song language doesn’t present a difference, because, once we perform the songs the language will be in-separated from the music itself.

With the advent of new platforms for outreach to communities these days – social media, blogs, music platforms like Deezer – bands can now be even more creative in engaging with their fans. Could you share with us some platforms you use, and how have they worked out for you?

We used Myspace to put our three demo songs, from this, a label found our band and finally offered a recording contract.

Do you have some advice to impart to indie bands wanting to gain more visibility for their music? What are some up-and-coming Asian indie bands you would recommend we listen to?

Never be afraid to try something new in writing music, maximizing all the available music platforms so that people can gain information about the band.

We recommend listening to Tenderfist, from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

What are your aspirations for the band in the next five years?

To make at least 2 albums, tour Asia, Europe and hopefully the US and Africa, and have our own recording studio.

Catch The Trees And The Wild (ID) together with Deerhoof (USA) at *SCAPE, 19 June, 7pm-10pm! Get tickets to the gig here.

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