8 ways to market your event successfully (even on a low budget!)

Backstage Pass, a community event for organisers, in its ninth edition saw groups of organisers gather at The Hub in excited anticipation on what they could take away on the topic of event marketing.

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Ayla Kremb and Faith Bogue, two experts on marketing took the hot seat ready to tackle any question that came their way in a field they are well-versed with.

Backstage Pass 9 by Peatix Ayla Kremb and Faith Bogue
We sum up their top 8 tips on marketing events, even on a limited budget!


1. Market beyond your reach, leverage upon other communities

Become a committed regular at an event of a similar genre, but not one that’s completely the same. Two benefits can come out of this – 1) you’ll be able to network amongst and understand the needs of your potential attendees better, and 2) you could partner with the organiser and ask for an opportunity to share about your event.


2. Make full use of your event description space

Write your event description such that it convinces your target audience of your event’s value and hence convert them over to ticket sales! People are interested in the benefits they will get out of attending. For example, for a music event, instead of saying “Come hear artist X!”, you could highlight that attendees will get to “Party with friends to your favourite tunes and artist X’s world premiere of a song”.


3. Create an OMG unexpected moment

Organise an event worth talking about that people will organically share the event for you. It could be an unexpected speaker, door gift, performance – get creative! Marketing is no longer about parenting, but it’s more like dating. You create an experience and story worth sharing.


4. Engage during the event using social media

Which social media are your attendees most active on? It’ll likely inform you of how you can reach more of your target audience for future events! If they’re on Facebook or Instagram, post pictures whilst the event is happening. If they’re on Twitter, engage with a hashtag and encourage your audience to be active with it. In this way, your event could get discovered by your attendee’s social circles, that more likely than not will include members of your target audience. Always assign one person to take charge of social media during the event, to repost, like, favourite or retweet what attendees have posted. Everyone loves that little acknowledgement, and this reinforces their behaviour to want to continue engaging with you on social media.


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5. Create content that adds value and spreads post-event

Invite the relevant media to attend for free in return for possible media coverage. Be authentic in who you approach – understand the media’s audience, and determine if your event would fit in with their interests. Write a post-event coverage yourself, and allow attendees to take pictures or hire a photographer to show others what they could have experienced.


6. Pictures, pictures, pictures.

They capture the raw emotions at your event, and people enjoy sifting through pictures and tagging themselves or friends they recognise. It also helps attendees present feel like they’re a part of the community, that it doesn’t start and end at the event but carries forward into wanting to be a part of the next live experience at future events you organise! Check out the ones for Backstage Pass here.


7. Build your email list

If you haven’t started, start. Post-event, send attendees thank you emails, and get them excited to attend the next one! Even think about how you can reward them – exclusive pictures, deals, and discounts of the ticket to your next event.


8. Foster event credibility

Gather testimonials from attendees, scour the media for any publicity you have gained, and do not be shy about showing it off. Besides, you’ll be taken more seriously when a good word comes from someone else other than yourself.


There you have it! Ayla and Faith’s top 8 tips for marketing your event, most of which costs you nothing other than time to do. Want more tips on event management? Join us in person at our next Backstage Pass session, follow the Peatix Singapore group to be first to know!


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