7 unique and offbeat event spaces in Singapore

An event venue can be that step-up in taking your event from “good” to “fantastic” and go a long way in making it memorable. We’ve scoured the venue landscape to compile a list of seven unique and offbeat spaces in Singapore you will want to host your next event at.

Venues in Singapore: MINT Museum of Toys. Credits: DaedaLusT on Flickr
1. The MINT Museum of Toys is the world’s first purpose built toy museum and boasts an extensive collection of vintage and rare toys from all around the world. The entire museum is available to host events, with each of its four floors sporting different themes. Your attendees could network, listen to talks, or learn a new skill whilst surrounded by Disney memorabilia from the early 1900s, Batman and Astroboy toys, and even items that dates back to Singapore’s colonial days.

Singapore Venues: 13 in Geylang
2. Living by its motto to “redesign the world”, 13 is a cosy and exquisitely refurbished co-living and co-working shophouse in the Geylang district that reflects its affiliation to innovation and creativity. Its old world charm contrasted against contemporary modernity makes it a suitable space for a wide variety of events – product launches, pop-up dinner parties, contentious debates, and more.

Singapore Venues: Little Olde Gallery
3. As its name suggests, Little Olde Gallery is a gallery of sorts with curated period pieces hung upon the walls of its cosy two storey semi-detached space that immediately gives the space a 1960s persona. On top of being a lovely gallery space, its quaint and retro interior is psychedelic for the next hippie-style party. Bring in the props and transform the space as you see fit with your event.

Singapore Venues: Jermyn Street
4. Oozing with class and exclusivity, Jermyn Street not only provides the finest in gentlemen’s grooming (yes, it’s a high-end boutique barbershop) but also offers itself up as a venue space. It’s intricate decor captures the spirit and rich heritage of Jermyn Street in London! Housing a staged space, a lounge area, and private rooms, it would make a brilliant venue for an indie EP release or provide a dapper edge to an intimate party or your next networking event. To top things off, barbers and beauticians on hire, and a built-in bar will help to create a unique event experience like no other.

Singapore Venues: Beep City Studio A
5. Combine the acoustics of the legendary Fillmore East with the aesthetics of an underground warehouse rave and you get Studio A at Beep Studios. Codenamed Beep City, its intimate size and three storey high ceiling delivers unparalleled acoustics for a fully electrifying experience. Situated indoors with no windows and a world-class selection of sound equipment, the stage is set for an intimate and secret gig. You can even record your show and work on post-productions there!

Singapore Venues: Objectifs Centre for Photography and Film
6. Objectifs Centre for Photography and Film offers a selection of event spaces – a gallery for exhibitions, seminar rooms for talks and workshops, and discussion rooms and digital lab for classes and meetings. Alternatively, try their open-air rooftop garden for an alfresco setting, like Objectifs’ Watch Local Rooftop Screening.

Singapore Venues: Neo Yacht
7. Your party has to be on a boat, says rapper, Jay-Z. Heed his advice and look to Neo Yacht with its fleet of luxury cruisers for your next event! A cruising route around the Marina Bay area and an option to drop anchor at Lazarus or St. John Island offers a once in a lifetime experience for your attendees. Choose between a day and an evening cruise with staff on board so you too can enjoy the ride and mingle with guests over a cocktail.

Push the boundaries!
Land-scarce Singapore drives a resourceful event organiser to search in the most unlikely of places, turning an offbeat location into an events space! Case in point: Eminent Plaza slated for demolition but transformed into a month-long music and arts pop-up event, and Haw Par Villa used to host art exhibits and ceramic workshops. Who ever said venues are pre-defined? Be a go-getter and create them yourself!

There you have it, our shortlist of unique spaces for your next event. Know of others not in this list? Share them with us on Facebook. In the meanwhile, get your creative juices flowing and host your next (or even first) event at one of these spaces.

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Written by: S. Sakthivel
Edited by: Claire Ding

Image Credits: DaedaLusT on Flickr, 13, We Are Spaces, Jermyn Street, Beep Studios, Objectifs, Neo Yacht

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