3 key questions to ask in putting together an event organiser’s dream team

Organising an event will mean working with many parties from members of the core organising team to an external team of vendors and partners. Sometimes you get to choose who you’ll work with, other times you don’t. Irregardless, the weight that each team member pulls plays a key role in the progress of your event. Here are three key questions you should consider in putting together a dream team.

Dream Team for event organisers

Do they possess complementary skills?
Be honest in considering the skills that you or your existing team currently possess, and either hire individuals with complementary skills or outsource a task if the skill is only needed for a time (e.g. design skills for key event visuals).

Are they passionate about your event’s cause or idea?
Having a passion (or lack thereof) ebbs down to other situations like their willingness to go the extra mile, willingness to put their best foot forward with a positive can-do attitude, and willingness to work cohesively to eventuate in an amazing event experience. Even if someone has the complementary skills you’re seeking for, ultimately, if they’re not passionate about your event, it will show and could negatively impact the organising of your event down the line. Passion is important!

Are they aligned with your event’s goals, beliefs, and vision?
This is an extension to the previous point. An event’s cause or idea can be manifested through various means driven by differing goals and beliefs, hence on top of passion, it’s also important that your team’s aligned with your event’s goals, beliefs, and vision. For example, a passion for local music could eventuate in a 2-week long IGNITE! Music Festival that consists of a myriad of local acts that harnesses compassion for a social cause through the influence of the artistes, or it could mean an Underground Music Festival that provides an avenue for alternative music genres like oi! and heavy metal to flourish in Singapore. Being aligned can help in solving problems or disputes that may occur by keeping the team focused along the same train of thought.

In sum, a dream team will be one that’s diverse yet similar. At the end of the day, it will be tough to know for certain if you’ve assembled the right team at the onset so going with good old intuition can also work best instead of over-thinking it. That said, keeping the above three questions in mind can help minimise the chances of things turning awry and bring you a step closer to organising a fantastic event.

Image Credit: Ksenia Svoboda

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Claire Ding

Claire Ding is the Community Manager at ticketing platform Peatix in Singapore. She runs a community event for organisers, Backstage Pass , where organisers connect with others and learn tips on event management. Quite the thrill-seeker, Claire’s gone skydiving, bungee jumping, and enjoys anything that puts her on edge (quite literally), it’s no wonder she’s in the business of events with never a dull moment!