22 reasons you should attend the Adult Playground

Come November, the Adult Playground goes live on Siloso Beach, Sentosa! Now stop right there before your mind wonders too far ahead, it’s as literal as it sounds – a live-sized playground for adults with all things local gathered onto Siloso Beach for a day, local food, local vendors bringing you out of this world activities, and local indie bands!

Adult Playground Singapore

If you’re not won over yet, here are 22 reasons to snag your tickets on Peatix while you still can.

1. The Adult Playground is the first outdoor festival that combines sports and music. Be a part of something unprecedented and exciting right here in your own backyard!
2. You’ve got 22 wacky outdoor sports to try your hand at! As tempting as it may be to make this list of 22 reasons about each of them, we couldn’t bring ourselves to because there are simply too many other reasons to attend. Go forth!
3. Speaking of unconventional sports: Archery Tag, Bossaball, and Bubble Soccer are just three of the 22 activities lined up. Haven’t heard of any? Take on a spirit of adventure and challenge yourself to experience them all.
4. Try and remember what you did last weekend. Now take another look at the 22 activities and think about how much more exciting your life can be beyond the four walls of a mall or cinema.
5. When’s the last time you got to be at a playground, let your hair loose, and have no one judge you? Most playgrounds in Singapore cap entry for people over 13, and to be quite honest it’s probably for the greater good that you don’t try to squeeze yourself down that plastic slide or hog the monkey bars. Spare the children and the public facilities – the Adult Playground was created for you.
6. Everyone will be over 18: this means there will be no crying babies and you won’t have to watch your potty mouth, if you have one.
7. We’re not sure about you, but the last time we had fun with a Dunk Tank was when we were still in school. Relive the good old days of carnival fundraisers. Plus, it’ll be for charity!
8. There’s something for everyone. If you’re not a fan of carnival games and getting sweaty, we promise you good music, good food and more. Speaking of which…
9.  You’ll get to see some of the hottest emerging local bands in action! One of them is The Sam Willows, a foursome made up of Ben, Jon, Narelle and Sandra, whose combined powers make a mean show. But don’t take our word for it, and come see it for yourself.
10.  Another music act you’ll want to catch before he becomes too big and “elusive” is Gentle Bones, the alias of 20 year old Joel Tan, whose single Until We Die became the number one song downloaded on iTunes Singapore the day after it was released. Now, how about that!
11. We all know what good musicians Jack and Rai are from their weekly gigs at Wala-Wala and from their performances at… well, just about everywhere. We’ll just leave this link to The Fa La La song – their hit from 2008, and one of the catchiest songs we think has ever been written.
12. Not included in the list of 22 sports you can try is our country’s national sport, eating. Quench your thirst on all natural Popaganda popsicles, get your fill with Kerbside Gourmet’s sustainable produce and The Travelling C.O.W.’s fusion cuisine, savour what’s been dubbed as Singapore’s best coffee from Chris’ Café, and more.
13. Deserving reasons all to themselves are the ramen burger and laksa pasta from The Travelling C.O.W. One can only imagine how delectable they’ll taste, if not for being at the Adult Playground itself.
14. One dollar from every ticket sold goes towards the Singapore Disability Sports Council. Be a part of this worthy cause in making our city a more inclusive place for everyone, regardless of what our bodies can and cannot do!
15. You’ll be supporting local: talented local musicians, innovative local businesses, and more. We know you’ll leave in awe, and in revelation knowing that Singaporeans can be and are a highly creative and entrepreneurial bunch of folks.
16. Everyone loves goodie bags. The first 4000 participants get a bag of freebies, and we’re told they include temporary body tattoos, so get on to it, and fast.
17. Jetpacks are an actual thing where controlled water pressure propels you into the air! There are only six more for grabs.
18. It’s value for money. Each of the outdoor activities if played on your own out of this event could easily cost at least $40 each. You get 22 at an all-in price of $88!
19. Complimentary sunscreen rub down station, need we say more.
20. Giveaways, giveaways and more giveaways! Hit it up on Adult Playground’s Facebook page with NERF Barrage Super Soakers, party vouchers, limited jet pack rides, and more up for grabs in the run up to event day on November 8th.
21. Who doesn’t love a good swig of beer to cool off on a sunny day? Get a Tiger beer, cocktails, and espresso martinis all at very affordable prices thanks to the event’s drinks sponsors.
22. An entire day of fun, sun, and sand with friends, rounded off by catching a crimson sunset with a beer in hand chilling out to a 2-hour concert. Life couldn’t be more perfect.

Now that you’ve got 22 reasons to come, are you convinced? Get your tickets to the Adult Playground here. Use promocode: VIPea to get 10% off the ticket price, and enter the chance to win an extra ticket!

Written by: Tan Yee Hui
Edited by: Claire Ding