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Turn office into CNY style … and give out Bitcoin Red Envelopes !


We always spend time on cleaning and decorating our room and home in CNY, but how about our office? HelloReporter team has done 3 things.



  • Create Own Red Couplets


Red couplets are usually placed at our home with word of wishes, usually in 4-character, for the new year. We can write our hopes for the firm in the coming year and place it at the office. Just like our office, we put “出入平安” as our red banner at the entrance, which means blessing for safety in travels and journeys.

Moreover, a special type of red lucky banner with an upside-down character “福” (meaning: lucky) is always put on the entrance which implies a wish of fortunate. It is also a decoration with good sign for the firm.



  1. Arts of Red Envelopes
    Red envelope is a traditional item with a blessing behind. As many knows, distributing red envelopes is a custom among most ethnic Chinese around the world. How about creating a decoration with red envelopes? This is a new trend of CNY decoration. The new paper artwork also brought a trendy CNY atmosphere at our office!


3) What about…giving out Bitcoin Red Envelopes?


Traditionally, we put money in red envelopes and send to our relatives & friends as a blessing. How about doing it in a different way as a startup? Bitcoin, a popular cryptocurrency can be turned into red envelope to send your blessing to your love ones.

What are we doing this ?
As we are a startup PR company with clients who run cryptocurrency business, we should experience it ourselves! Moreover, we have colleagues in Taiwan, Singapore, U.S. and HK, Bitcoin red envelopes seems the easiest way to give out red envelopes. Besides, journalists write about red envelopes story every year in CNY, we wanna capture this opportunity as our PR campaign! Last but not least, we wanna engage our teammates to talk about the company with their friends & family, this is an internal PR play, too!

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