Understand attendees better with the new Peatix form

Knowing your audience is important in helping you understand what it is they value, how you can get the word out about your event to them, and ultimately, host an event that they will enjoy!

The Good News

Know 100% of your attendees before event day when you set up a form for your event on Peatix! Attendees will be prompted to fill out the form as part of the registration and ticket buying process.

Given the wide variety of events organizers host the world over, each with its unique demographic of attendees, we understand the need for you to have the flexibility in creating a form specific to knowing your audience better. Our product team got to work! You can now use our form function in the following three ways:

1. Create fully customizable forms for each event

Simply pick from one of eight question options and customize them according to what you’d like to find out.

Hosted an event on Peatix before and have similar questions for your next event? Easily duplicate the previously used form, make any changes you need to the duplicated version, and enable the new form for your next event.

2. Gain deeper qualitative insight with longer written responses

Peatix form - Long text area

An expandable “text area” option allows you to ask attendees more open-ended questions to give you the insight you need.

3. Add clarity to a question with the ability to input a descriptive subtext

Peatix form - Add descriptive text

You may have specific instructions on how you want a question answered or a question requires supplementary information for an attendee to fully understand it. Being able to input a descriptive subtext helps to add clarity and hence increase the likelihood of attendees answering it.

Find out more about how you can set up a form for your next event on Peatix, or write in your suggestions on how else we can improve to make event organising easy for you!