This Weekend go to a CD Release Party in New York City

A cd

Somehow, someway, the dimming of the the age of the CD has not meant extinction for the CD release party. Upon minting a sparkling new group of tracks the proud band is compelled to throw, not a record release party, not an MP3 release party or even a “Stream for free for a week!” release party. They abidingly hold a CD release party.

Like an art exhibition, literary reading or even the first football game of the season, when a new CD enters the world it is propelled from womb or wombs of its creator’s or creators’ mind or minds with the feverish energy of a creation eager to interact with its world, to say to all of existence, “Look! I am here! Check this beat!” while existence, if only for the hottest of seconds, examines and scrutinizes, compares and head bops in deference or in derision.

But enough waxing! This is a blog after all, and so here are the top unmissable 5 CD release parties that are sure to blow your mind this weekend:

1. The New York Horns celebrate New York Horns at Caroll Place

New York Horns CD release Caroll Place

2. The Ingrid Laubrock Octet rolls out Zürich Concert at The Stone

Ingrid Laubrock Octet CD release The Stone

3. Working Class Hussys debut Diesel Tunes at The Bitter End

Working Class Hussys Bitter End CD release

4. Either/Or presents Stone Guitars at the White Box

Stone Guitars CD release White Box

5. Jessica Delfino releases a CD of “dirty, ribald” songs…somewhere

Jessica Delfino secret CD release party