The top 10 dogs that have absolutely nothing to do with the theme of this blog

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that we diligently procure only the most relevant information and hard-won insights surrounding the organization and production of events.

Today we make a historic break with that tradition. Are we discarding our professional morals and industry repute by doing so? Maybe. But this guy sure doesn’t think so:

Burnese Mountain Puppy

The dude wouldn’t know a moral qualm if it gave her a hug. Speaking of which:

Dog bro hug

And speaking of which again:

Dog bro nap

Again, this isn’t really our field, but I believe we’re now at the point in the post where most people would expect to see a French Bulldog with sunglasses:

Chunk chillin

That one’s name is Leopold Ulysses. Or, more informally, Chunk. And turns out Chunk has a friend:

Chunk and Kobe

Who is well-schooled in the art of the nap:

The art of the nap

The nap is an incredibly varied art form. Here’s a twist on the classic:

Dog teddy bear nap

But let us get back to basics.

Basic puppy

And now far, far away from the basics:

Meerkat Dog

The Grand Finale!

Kraken Dog

My god what have we done. If Peatix has sinned by doing a dog post, strike us down now ticketing gods! No? Well then, we’ll be back next week with more dogs or more event planning advice, whichever seems to get more engagement.