The Pleasure is Ours: Meet Team PeatixUSA

In our slogan, when we say “More than a ticket,” we speak not only of the delicious plethora of helpful features available to event organizers. Oh no—our slogan is far more multifaceted and nuanced. For we speak also of the offline element of Peatix—the human one.

You see, behind the scenes in the US of A are seven Peatix workers -Peatwerkers?- whose output during the course of one day puts all the labor the seven dwarves did in Snow White to insane shame. When people talk about us they speak in the hushed, cautiously optimistic tones of those yearning to be delivered from the tyranny of big ticketing companies. When people meet us they think we’re somehow photoshopped. When people feel us their faces take on the same expression as when you touch cashmere and chinchilla fur.

The point is we’ve kind of got it going on. Read on for the chance to win a more comprehensive view of the Peatix US team!

Minja Töniges: that girl who knows CSS really well


The most beer steins Minja has held in her hands: seven (she was an Australian beer maiden…but she’s German…and Japanese. It’s kind of complicated).

How Minja pronounces the word “squirrel”:


Kelsey Collins: that girl who’s super awesome at drawing


Kelsey’s strangest dream:
“The strangest dream I can remember was a recurring dream I used to have in elementary school:

In the dream I was in my backyard at my childhood home. My dad and are were walking around near some trees when we heard pounding on the ground. We turned around, got startled and scared, then ran to our Jurassic Park Jeep. After we were in the Jeep, I realized we were being chased by a Tyrannosaurus. It was always after a few seconds of being chased that I woke up scared, but then realized that I associated the sound of pounding footsteps with the sound of my heartbeat from my ear pressed against my pillow. Not too strange, but dinosaurs are cool.”

Kelsey’s most overrated famous person: “The cast of the Jersey Shore. I feel that this needs no explanation.”

Kelsifact: “Here in the office, I’m the wizard of finding free shows around the city. I also have a crazy obsession with drawing letters & typography. I watch far too much television (I have shows that I catch up on every night of the week.) Also, I’m pretty sure that Jason Segel is my soul mate.”

Taku Harada: that guy who started our company


Taku’s most overrated famous person: “Kim Kardashian. Clearly. I mean, what does she do?”

TakuFact: Taku thinks snake is way underrated as a meat.

Phillip Mayer: that guy who does the non-technical stuff


The most Phil has ever offended someone:
“I once told someone from Quebec that she didn’t sound like she was from Quebec. This was tantamount to a declaration of war.”

Phil’s most overrated famous person: “Without doubt Tobey Maguire.”

Phil Phact: “I once put Nutella on every single thing I ate for an entire week…and lived to tell the story. It really does taste great on everything.”

Fumiaki Yoshimatsu: that guy from the Matrix who reads code like it’s his job


Fumiaki’s strangest dream:
“I stabbed one of my best friends in the chest over and over again for no reason. It was gross. But it doesn’t end here. A week later I was at his funeral…thank goodness it was also a dream. I am still good friends with him 28 years after we met.”

Fumiaki’s most overrated famous person: “Superman. Iron Man has Gwyneth Paltrow. Batman has Ann Hathaway. Superman has…Amy Adams?”

Fumiaki Fact: When the temperature dips below 29 degrees Fahrenheit, Fumiaki wears leather pants.

Also this:Save Kona Village. Please. I have been there five times and still haven’t had enough of it there.”

Jeffrey Shagawat: that guy who knows everyone (and is a badass photographer)


Number of years Jeff has had a beard: 10
Level of mastery w/r/t having and maintaining a beard: Very high
Number of gnomes living in Jeff’s beard (according to 2010 census): 354

Jeff’s most overrated famous person: Banksy!

Helena Wong: that girl who will talk to anyone


Helena’s bio: Helena lived a idyllic childhood as part of a well-regarded family, but when her aging father, the only man in the family, was called up to war Helena could not stand idly by. Passing herself off as a man, Helena took up arms in her father’s stead. Yet she was not without help. A dishonoured lizard, sent by her ancestors, was by Helena’s side at all times, guiding her through the rigors of battle and helping her to navigate a man’s world. Her gender was compromised, however, when her army reached a mountain impasse, and Helena had to heroically reveal who she really was in order to save her country.