The Pleasure is Ours: Meet Alfredo Gil of Peatix USA

In our ongoing “The Pleasure is Ours” series, we catch up with the workers of Peatix to find out exactly what employment is like here, which large nasty beast they wouldn’t mind being eaten by, and much more.

Today we get to know Alfredo Gil, one of New York City’s foremost purveyors of event wisdom. Here he is now!


Q. Where did you grow up? What was the most terrifying experience of your childhood?
After immigrating from the Dominican Republic as a baby, I grew up in Lawrence, MA – an inner city that has the second most dense population of Dominicans outside the Dominican Republic (second to NYC). My most terrifying childhood experience was probably that time I got knocked out with a baseball while batting in little league. Not a fun walk back to the dugout. I didn’t think my face could swell up that much the next morning.

Q. Would you rather meet your end in the jaws of a shark or a hippo? Why?
Shark. It’s quick.

Q. Fried rice or lo mein?
Lo mein because it’s more fun with chopsticks.

Alfredo the Great

Q. Did you always know you wanted to go into the ticketing industry? If not, how did you come to rest at the world’s most beloved ticketing company?
I didn’t always know I wanted to go into ticketing, but I’ve always had an inclination towards music. Given my marketing background, ticketing makes the most sense.

Q. What is the difference between an isosceles and scalene triangle? (no Googling)
Isosceles is 60 degrees and Scalene is less than 30 degrees?

Scalene for life
Above: A scalene triangle

Q. What is it like working at Peatix? Metaphors only please.
An enchanting dragon ride across the Pacific ocean.

Q. Ok, so what exactly do you do at Peatix?
What don’t I do at Peatix?

Q. Where do you see yourself in 40-60 years?
In 60 years I will be 84, so I would definitely want to be a wizard. If I’m senile, I will definitely become a wizard.

Alfredo Google

Q. What are some of the events in New York you enjoy most? What are some of your favorite venues?
Music! I like Pianos just because it was the first place my friend took me while visiting NYC and I had a blast.

Q. What do you enjoy about working with event organizers?
Seeing their vision come to fruition. Pulling off an event is hard! When everyone has a great time – how can you not love that?

Best venue in NYC: Pianos

Q. What is your favorite GIF on the internet right now?
Cat being hypnotized by a ball.

Q. What’s the most bizarre thing you’ve ever seen on the NYC subway system?
A man was doing a magic show and turned a football into doves. I had no clue how he did it, but I gave him a dollar.

Q. What is the best song ever?
Tough question. Seven Stars by Air is what first comes to mind.

And there you have it. At this point you will likely be feeling a very strong personal connection with Alfredo, but if not, you can always get more Alfredo on Twitter by following @AlfredoBits.