The Pea has Landed


Flying cats, anyone?

Over the past two years, PeaTiX has provided ticketing for over 10,000 events in Japan. Yes, there were the standard music festivals and business seminars. But there was also the photo shoot of flying cats; a serious pursuit of the fine art of capturing—not cats chilling on your couch—but cats in mid-air. And then there was the event with no less than 600 people pelting a professional baseball player with dried beans. Although these sorts of events are difficult to explain and/or comprehend, their very existence and wonderful magnitude of randomness continues to inspire our work.


Which brings me to the main event: we humbly announce today that PeaTiX is now live in the US to support your quirky, uniquely American events. What sorts of animals do you launch artistically into the air?; and what exactly do you throw at your professional athletes in your leisure time? We are positively giddy to find out.

We also acknowledge that there are countless ticketing solutions here in America. So why should you use PeaTiX? What’s the catch?

First off, it has to do with what we refer to today as “dolla dolla bills”. You’re going to save a lot of them. Our offer to you for ticketing fees is 2.5% + $0.99/order. And that’s all inclusive. There are no additional credit card fees or appalling surprise charges on your individual PayPal or Google Checkout accounts. That’s all you pay.  An example: Let’s say you’re holding an event for 200 people to hurl papayas at the New England Patriots and you want to charge 30 bucks for it. Your fee to us is only $348. At other places it would be about $530. The difference is gloriously clear—that’s a lot more papayas.

Second of all, ease of use. We’ve designed PeaTiX so that any event organizer can publish his/her event in minutes. Ticket sales are tracked on your account’s dashboard as they happen. And since attendees bring their tickets with them on their phones, we have all but vanquished the era of pain-in-the-ass printed tickets.

Last but not least, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. We make sure we respond to customers with the utmost speed and efficacy; we are eminently reliable; and we go out of our way to ensure your attendees are as happy as pigs at a slop convention. Should you still harbor any skepticism, we have all sorts of rather dry but numerically impressive graphs to show you which corroborate our event cred.

We sincerely hope you’ll try PeaTiX for your event. In fact, in order to make it easier for you to take that first step, we’re willing to give you 0% in ticketing fees on your first event. That’s right: if your event meets certain requirements, we’re going to have you use our service absolutely free of charge. Crazy? Might be. But that’s why my email is Let us know what kind of event you’re organizing and we will be ecstatic to help you see it through.

—Taku Harada, Co-founder & CEO