The Official Peatix Google Translate Game

I hid my cigarette butt in the drain!

The administrator side of Peatix is a fascinating place to be: you can browse all the events taking place through our site around the world, which on any given day can make for an enthralling study of how different cultures spend their free time.

Also on any given day, Google isn’t very good at translating Japanese. So imagine my surprise when I wanted to find out what’s been going down at our home base in Japan, and seeing

“Pasta of rape blossoms and Italian cuisine, oysters to enjoy in a house.”

Out of a sea of befuddled thoughts and pretty scary images of being stuck in a dark alley with a blossom that is not screwing around, came a clarion inspiration: BLOG POST.

As I saw it, there was pretty much no other option than to unleash my findings unto the blogosphere, and then after that pretty much no other option than to make it into a game. So without anymore lingering on deviant pasta, we present to you:


Below we give you twelve event titles, some of which have been passed through Google’s translator, and others of which are just totally made up. The answers are at the bottom; don’t peak! Google Analytics will know and will surely punish you with lots of irrelevant ads.

Are these translated event names real or not?

1. Do not ask me things under the table

2. And I say to you that you have a Web service operation “sweet Terms of Use” tuition free public

3. 3/22-23 one night the 2nd! Pottery experience serious! With my hands all the dishes and original lamp shade!

4. 10th Festival Rampage

5. Health law that blood will be clean in a month

6. And foam and cherry.

7. Rice concert

8. Blackboard surgery that can be used in the 2014 discussion facilitator course to change the society in the “participation” -challenge!

9. Party Cheese full of “Cheese Rush”

10. Find Petit job for mom college not entering kindergarten children Mommy!

11. “German throw to leave the father of Filipino”

12. And “You want to entrepreneurship, please work for a black company first” launch seminar


1. Real
2. Real
3. Real
4. Real

Well, you get the idea. We psyched you out! They’re all real! You just cannot make that stuff up.

Also, here is what rape blossom pasta actually looks like. Not bad.

Rape pasta