The Indispensable 9-item Survival List for Total Event Preparedness

Indispensable event items
Geishaboy500 / Foter.Com / CC BY

There is a vast, vast sea of things to remember when putting on an event. We sympathize. And all it takes is one unintended turn of your event’s ship, and guests are falling overboard, being devoured by sea monsters or worse. What is worse than death in the jaws of a terrifying sea monster in the frigid waters you’ve accidentally sailed into? Let us not find out what the equivalent metaphor is at your event, and make sure you are prepared for the big day or days with these key items: 

1. Duck Tape!
Duck tape is far more variegated than the classic gray, and can be bought in a color to match your event. Or, if you want to keep it classy, bring along some heavy duty clear tape. You’ll be prepared to attach, hold down, keep up, or bind rowdy attendees to a pole at a moment’s notice.

Duck tape meme

2. USB thumb drive
If you don’t have an extra USB drive around, you have already failed. Though most things can be cloud-controlled nowadays, if something tragic happens to the internet connection, you will S out of L without some backup way of transferring digital information.

3. Some Paper!
Just because everything is done electronically doesn’t mean you can stick your iPad on the wall during the course of the entire event to give directions to the right place. And if you don’t happen to use it at all, tear the paper up and end your event as every event should end: confetti.

4. Sharpie
The unmatched, indispensable event writing utensil of our time, if you do not have a sharpie at your event you are doomed. So doomed. Want to write names on cups? Nametags? Do anything in bold ever? Get a sharpie or get lost.

5. Extension cord
An easy item to overlook, an extension cord is key because it applies to a number of devices, up to and including your precious mobile, which you won’t have to charge from afar. Which brings us to…

6. Mobile charger!
This is so important for an event organizer it’s not even funny. Like at all. Even if your phone has enough charge to get through the entire event, what about the afterparty? The afterafterparty? The two day stint in jail because your event was on a Friday and no judge would see you until Monday? Bring a charger.

7. Receipts
If you will be selling goods OR services at your event, you would be well advised to bring an extra roll or book of receipts, for those people who are into that kind of thing.

Receipt meme

8. Cashmonies!
Again, if anything will be sold, having ample change on hand often makes or breaks an event. If you are terrible at planning ahead, make an exception here and visit a bank on a day and time it isn’t closed. And if you or your company are broke, make sure you’ve made enough good friends before the event to have a good chance of one of them loaning you the needed cash.

9. Bandaides
If you’ve brought extra paper like we’ve suggested, then chances of a papercut are fairly high. And you certainly wouldn’t want to use any of the cash you’ve so prudently picked up to stop the wound (And anyway how would you decide whether five one dollar bills would be enough to stop the bleeding versus a five and some ones?)