The Death of the Ticket, the Birth of ColorSync

We gather here on this blog today to eulogize an old friend—one who we took to concerts, plays, parties and that one time we flirted with Vampirism. Her name was Ticket, and she lived a long, long…probably too long life.

ticket grave

Too long a life. That might sound harsh to start off a eulogy, but Ticket had been used in basically the same way since ancient Greece: you’d show up with Ticket, her body maybe coated in the sweat of your hand owing to the long time you’d been waiting in line; then she would undergo what had to be the most inhumane humiliation any piece of paper has ever gone through: she would be checked. Her integrity would be immediately called into question, and when the debasement was finished Ticket’s family and friends would be subjected to the same embarrassment, their stubs brutally torn from their bodies, screaming things like “Why! Why are you doing this?! Isn’t there a better way!”

Ticket being checked

So it is that today, in Ticket’s memory, Peatix solemnly introduces a better way, and that better way is called ColorSync. ColorSync is a secure, efficient and humane way to admit attendees to an event without checking and defiling tickets one-by-one.

“Preposterous,” you might say. “No such technology could exist. The entire principle of ticketing is that everyone has a unique ticket that is verified once at the door,” you might go on to say, in complete ignorance of the video below that explains precisely how Colorsync upends that entire premise:

Instead of every ticket-holder having a unique ticket, ColorSync proposes that everyone have the same event pass, but that the pass should be in constant change (represented with random colors), thus impossible to duplicate and, most awesomely, allow people through the door in hoards instead of being checked one at a time.

And so we lay to rest the Ticket as we knew it. Perhaps death was the best thing for her. There will be those around the world who will go on ripping and scanning tickets like her, but starting today Peatix is taking a stand, putting our foot down and thrusting our smartphones into the air, declaring there is a better way, and it involves lots of pretty colors.

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