The Art of the Event Page Background

Event page creation has reached such a high stage of development that it is now considered its own artistic medium. If you don’t believe me, well, then you probably won’t end up with a very attractive event page.

Because your event page is ultimately whatever you make it, and if you approach it as a canvas on which you will slather pixels emanating directly from your soul, then those viewing your page are bound to respond positively and buy all your tickets.

So today we focus on the event page background, which is just all the space surrounding the actual event information. Peatix already has a few suggested colors that organizers can use to quickly change up the standard off-white of their page:

Event page design

However, the real magic happens in the bottom right corner of the screen, with the “customize background” option. Here you can either choose from a palette of all the colors ever, or upload your own image. And, make no mistake about it, uploading your own image is an art. For instance, take this organizer who uploaded a background image for this wakeboarding event:

Wakeboarding event background

This could possibly be art in the modern sense of the word, but we can definitely get artsier. And there’s no better way to get artsier than shoving two art forms together. Witness this handwritten musical score background:

Opera event page

The key to having a great event page background, it turns out, is picking an image that tiles (repeats) nicely. The first wakeboarding example above was not so ideal for tiling; the image has a very clear top and bottom, and thus looks a bit 1998 when used as a background. The music score, however, has more continuity, and although you can tell it repeats if you look closely, the effect is still far better than the wakeboard. Here is an even more extreme example of a picture that is great for tiling:

Concert event page

The visible universe is a champion tiler, as even a repeated square of it is hard to pick out. Not all background, however, have to be tiled. Take this event for archery lessons:

Archery class event page

That background is art and a half. To sum up, it’s pretty simple to go beyond the solid color level of background to something far more visually enticing and complementary to whatever event it is you are organizing. And always remember, there has been way worse art made than whatever it is that will provide the background of your event page.