Six steps to levelling up your event check-in experience

Start your guest experience on a positive note and your event on time by managing entry at the door more efficiently.  Here’s how to level up:

Level 1: Move beyond pen and paper
Save the manual guest list as a fallback, rather than having the printed list as the default.  Speed up entry management by using a searchable system to look up guest names.  Project a professional image from the start by locating attendee names quickly, instead of fumbling through sheets of paper.
Pen and Paper is so 2013

Level 2: Ditch the standalone spreadsheets
Spreadsheets seem like a simple solution, but synchronizing them across devices is a hassle.  By using free tools built into Peatix, including iOS / Android camera scan apps and guest list search, check-in information is automatically and instantly synced. Know who has checked in, regardless of which line they checked in at.
Spreadsheets do not sync

Level 3: Scale up the number of queues or entry points
Prevent a bottleneck at the door by allowing multiple entry points.  With ‘Assistant Mode’ on the Peatix organizer app, iOS and Android powered mobile devices can all become scanners to validate tickets without having to log-in as the user.  Synchronization takes place automatically in the background – so scale them up!
Scale it up

Level 4: Set up a dedicated desk for exceptions
Have one person to spare?  Set up a separate point to direct unusual situations like gatecrashers (yes, your event is that awesome!) to, so the regular queues can keep flowing smoothly.

Level 5: *Drumroll* Let the colors do the work
What’s the world’s best way to check guests into an event?  ColorSync is a patent-pending mobile check-in system that makes managing the door and guest list fun and effortless.  Find out more here.
ColorSync - Ticketing Reimagined