Six New PeaTiX Features to Rock your Event Management Socks

Since the advent of PeaTiX two years ago, we have hosted more than 10,000 events on our online and mobile event management and ticketing platform! Driving its success is the continual evolution and improvement of PeaTiX in providing a viable and user-friendly event ticketing solution.

On that note, six new features have just been released:

For Event Organizers

1. More locations for paid events

Event organizers can now create paid events in their local currency in the following countries:
Hong Kong (2.9%+9.99HKD/order), Taiwan (2.9%+35TWD/order), Thailand (2.9%+35THB/order), Philippines (2.9%+50PHP/order), Australia (2.9%+1.5AUD/order), and New Zealand (2.9%+1.5NZD/order).

Paid events in US dollar (2.9%+1.5USD/order) can also be created in these countries:
Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, and Korea.

Previously, only free events could be hosted on PeaTiX in these locations. Now, it is possible to create paid events at a very low ticketing fee! At this stage, the payout method is made via PayPal.

2. Setting up discount codes

Discount codes and discounted dollar amounts for a specific ticket type can now be set up at the discretion of the event organizer. Should organizers wish to set one discount code for all ticket types or set a discounted percentage of the ticket price, it can be arranged by contacting PeaTiX.

Ticket discount code

3. Improved attendee communication

PeaTiX’s online platform includes an attendee messaging system within the event organizer’s dashboard to keep attendees notified of any important event information. This messaging system now includes a filtering feature by “attendance status”, “ticket type” and “payment status” for more targeted attendee communication.

For example, for attendees whose payment status is “pending”, organizers could send a payment reminder email to that specific category. Or, if there is a ticket type with a free gift incorporated, organizers could send a message to this filtered group with details on collection.

Filter and message attendees

4. Manage ticketing sales better

To enhance management of ticket sales, event organizers can now track sales of specific ticket types via the “sales list” tab. This information could inform the marketing of specific ticket types to push sales. This is in addition to the current “attendee view” tab which is geared towards monitoring attendee check-ins.

For Attendees

1. Follow an organiser

Event goers can now follow organizers in-app! When a new event is created by a “followed” organizer, the event goer receives a notification via an in-app email or events recommended through the “Discover” tab.

Follow organizer on app

2. Ticket transfer function

Event goers who’ve purchased single or multiple tickets for an event in one transaction can now transfer their ticket to others. The ticket will be emailed to the lucky recipients. Sending event tickets as gifts could make a great anniversary or birthday present idea!

Send tickets as gifts

More information about these features can be found here.

In a nutshell (or rather, pea pod), we incorporated user feedback to design features that will most benefit event organizers and enhance the user’s experience. We hope these new features will rock your event management socks!