Shutting down of Social Share feature

Social Share, the feature which enables attendees to share an event for a discounted ticket price will no longer be available starting 10 June 2015, Wednesday.


“What if I have the Social Share feature currently activated for my event?”

Attendees can still share your event on social media for a discounted ticket price up till 10 June. Beyond that, attendees will no longer be able to do so.


Getting the word out about your event

Social sharing options on the event page and upon ticket purchase will still be available. Alternatively, consider using promocodes to incentivise attendees to purchase tickets early and activate your community to help co-promote your event!

It’s been a good run with Social Share, but fret not, we’ve only undergone a shift in focus to develop other platform features that will make organising events easier and bring more attendees to your event.

Meanwhile, find out how your events are currently made more discoverable on Peatix in three ways.


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