Plan, Ticket and Dominate: Fraternity Party edition

In today’s PTD we take a look at Zach. Zach was born to be in a fraternity: he had his first chest bump at a year and a half of age, his first fist bump at two, his second fist bump right after the first because he was fist bumping all his baby bros at once, and his first serious discussion of action movie trivia at six. So when Zach was elected social chair of Gamma Zeta Zeta no one could honestly claim to be surprised.

But however much Zach had the taste of light beer and Rusty Nails in his veins at birth, by no means was he prepared for the massive logistical tasks, requiring sober time on the order of minutes, that stood between him and the party that was his responsibility to plan.

Fortunately for Zach, setting up a GZZ party event page on Peatix only took a few minutes, and was so straightforwardly and pleasurably simple that he found he didn’t even have to be sober for all of it! Here is what he created:

GZZ Peatix frat party page

Having the keen fraternal instinct for what is cool and what is not cool at all, Zach decided that having to check names at the door was totally not cool. Instead, he set up a password-protected page, so that he and his fraternity members could send the page to only their choicest bros and bras, while capping the number of sign-ups. And of course they knew and intended that the event page would be passed along beyond their choicest bros and bras, which, in another bro stroke of something like genius, Zach calculated would make people with the password feel super special, dramatically raise the anticipation for the party, and create an air of exclusivity—the last practically a separate food group for the bros of GZZ.

When Tuesday night rolled around and the masses began stumbling toward the GZZ house, Zach was armed with the Peatix app and scanned the phones of the choice party guests as they arrived. Later, Zach would learn this bit of technologically arresting phone-to-phone door checking did things for his social and romantic capital that no other app—including Snapchat—had ever approached before.

And being if nothing else a courteous bro, keeping track of who checked-in enabled him to thank guests the following day, while easily connecting the lost Mr. Potato Head pipe with its owner.