Plan, Ticket and Dominate: Conference Edition

brick scultpure

Today’s PTD focuses on the organization, ticketing and resultant domination by one very special conference organizer who, on what she now considers the most serendipitous day of her life, discovered Peatix.

Sydney is both a member and the first female chair of the Metropolitan Exposed Bricklayers Confederation (exposed indoor bricklayers being separate from normal bricklayers for contractual and artistic reasons too boring to go into here…but one reason being that conventionally trained bricklayers actually lay indoor brick with a uniformity that has completely tanked more than a few restaurants’ Zagat decor ratings), and as the first female chair she felt that she had no choice but to completely nail the online-side of the Tri-Annual Exposed Bricklayers Networking Conference & Soirée.

Early exposed bricklayer
Above: an early member of the MEBC

So Sydney set about searching for the best way to ticket and check-in attendees at the conference. Some sites had fees that put her into a sort of nauseous depression, and others seemed outright passionless about ticketing, designed with the enthusiasm of something like a really lukewarm greeting card.

Then, well, you know how it goes. Serendipitous web search—> Peatix—> organizational and ticketing domination. I mean, just check out the event page she created:

Bricklayers conference event page

And a bricklayer did that. Sydney didn’t even know enough about Instagram to make fun of it until just recently. Since it was her first time using Peatix, no one in the Confederation was charged any ticket fees at all, and the fact that she could scan tickets with a phone was something akin to real magic for several old-school exposed bricklayers. After the event, the funds were transferred expediently into the MEBC account.

Peatix utterly transformed the way exposed bricklayers come together. So the next time you’re in a restaurant or fancy shop admiring the pleasant modern rusticness of the walls, think of Sydney, and then think of planning your next event on Peatix.