PechaKucha Nights – Say hello to presentations you’ll actually love and want more of.

PechaKucha, or chit-chat in Japanese, grew from a single event in Tokyo to a global community of organizers who host PechaKucha Nights in over 900 cities today. At PechaKucha Nights, you’ll hear from speakers in a variety of fields from design, tech, business, architecture, photography, literature, and more, who boldly take the stage to share about their projects, their passion or their causes in a succinct 20 images by 20 seconds format.

If you have a desire to go beneath the surface of any city, to discover it’s interesting stories and connect with the local community of creatives, PechaKucha Nights will be where you’d want to be.

About PechaKucha in 20 images by 20 seconds

How did it all begin? Hear from Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham, the co-founders of PechaKucha

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