Party Planner: How To Throw A Minion-Themed Party

You know those little yellow blobs that became everyone’s favourite unintelligible (some may beg to differ) menaces after the premiere of Despicable Me? That’s right, we’re talking about the minions. When they were the stars of their own movie this year, the craze escalated amongst people of all age groups!

Here are some ideas on how you can bring these little minions to live at a birthday party, festive gathering, or any event you feel needs a dash of minions to liven things up.

1. Hit it with the music

Like the minions in their signature Banana song, practise with your friends, family, organising team, or if you have the budget for it, hire an A Capella group to sing in single syllables. Extend your repertoire of songs to cover hit songs in single syllables! The live performance will be sure to keep things upbeat and entertaining. Extra points if everyone singing comes dressed up as minions in overalls, gloves and goggles.

2. Whip up minion-themed food

Whip up these adorable Minion-themed cupcakes and cookies! If there are kids at the party (or heck, even adults would love doing this), you could put out some yellow, blue, brown and white icing for them to decorate their own Minion cupcakes or cookies. Alternatively, keep it simple and mess-free with a generous dose of blue and yellow M&Ms in a jar or create bags of Minions trail mix for guests to take home.

3. Decorate your space in all its blue and yellow glory


Minions are characteristically blue and yellow – stick with these two colours in planning for decorations! Adorn your walls with yellow balloons and blue streamers, or add an air of mischief by printing out minion goggles and mouths and glue them onto sticks for guests to use as props when taking photos. Or, you can also purchase goggles at your nearest hardware store for guests to wear!


4. Pack gift bag goodbyes


Remember those printable goggles above? Print more and stick them on yellow paper bags and fill it up with all sorts of age-appropriate goodies. If you’re up for the challenge, bring up the sophistication a tad by sewing denim bags either from newly purchased cloth or from old jeans lying around and give it away with a pair of swim goggles, as if you were handing out minion uniforms for your guests to remember your minion party with! Best part is, both the denim bag and goggles are useful swag your guests would likely keep and not toss.


Have a blast planning for a minion-themed party!

Beyond event ideas, we’re also here to help with an easy way for you to collect RSVPs to your event with our free registration platform. You could even set up a form to easily learn more about your guests’ dietary requirements or ask for their email or mailing address to send them those adorable minion invitation cards you’ve prepared.