Ok sure, here is $200 for your event

Money! Does it buy happiness? Ask most anyone who has ever organized an event, and I bet you $200 that they’ll respond in the affirmative.

Peatix mini-grant

If, however, you are not a betting woman or man, you can alternatively apply for a Peatix Mini-Grant. Our Mini-Grants were conceived in order to subsidize and prop up the normally beleaguered and stress-ridden organizer, that bringing their event organizees together might be a bit less of a strain.

The Mini-Grants welcome especially the new, novel, fringe and historically underfunded events, those normally struggling with third-party sources of funding.

THE APPLICATION: http://goo.gl/forms/O4J04wGTze


Judging will firstly be based on the degree to which your event complements/advances the life of the community of which you consider yourself a part. There is also an event page design component, so be sure to spend as much time on your event page as, say, getting prepped for a fancy wedding (just a recommendation). Lastly, we will judge events on the perceived feasibleness of execution. So if your event is an outdoor festival in Florida during hurricane season, we may have certain reservations.

Now go grant away! Please direct any questions to peatixusa@peatix.com. Good luck to all!