Nicholas Cage, Tracy Morgan and Clint Eastwood all use ColorSync

In today’s edition of “Nicholas Cage, Tracy Morgan and Clint Eastwood all use ColorSync,” we explore more great moments in cinematic and television history when the revered actors’ characters have employed ColorSync to move the narrative action swiftly along rather than wait in long lines with conventional tickets (incidentally saving the studios millions). For instance, who doesn’t remember when Nick Cage famously got out his smartphone and brought up the Peatix app in the middle of Snake Eyes?:

Nick Cage uses ColorSync

Or when Christopher Meloni and Ice-T went undercover in Law and Order: SVU at some shady New York party, arriving (because of Colorsync) just in time to stop a quadruple homicide?:

Law and Order uses ColorSync

Of course, very few actors make it to the big leagues. Here’s one nameless extra attempting to fraudulently gain access to an event, pulling a gun in indignation when his colors don’t sync and he’s denied access:

ColorSync fraud

And then there was Cop Out. Oye. Though perhaps not the best effort by Willis and Morgan, the film did leave us with this iconic image:

Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan use ColorSync

And finally we get to Clint, who after the 2012 Republican National Convention pretty much isn’t allowed in anywhere:

Clint Eastwood fails using ColorSync

We hope you enjoyed our jaunt through the cinematic annals of efficient ticketing. Until next….oh wait there’s totally a bonus picture! THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES USES COLORSYNC WHILE PLAYING STAR WARS:

Obama uses ColorSync