New York classical music concerts you’d be a fool to miss: week of April 14 edition

New York City classical concerts you’d be an utter buffoonish fool to miss is back this week. The week of April 14th has something to titillate everyone’s ears: old music, new music, sexy music, beloved classics and unloved premiers. Let us proceed to get cultured:

1. MONDAY: The Ghostlight Chorus and the Madrigalchor of Munich

If you’re feeling down because you weren’t invited to a single passover seder this year despite having lots of Jewish friends and generally respectable dinner party poise (…not bitter), then let the pride of New York’s choral scene, Ghostlight, together with eminent guests the Madrigalchor of Munich lift your spirits. The combined forces will perform German, English and American repertoire, with a generous helping of overtone singing, which you would truly, truly be a fool to miss.

When: Monday, April 14th, 8pm
Where: St. Ignatius of Antioch
Tickets: $15 in advance

Magicalchor of Munich

2. TUESDAY: L’Opera Burlesque

“A fantasy of operatic beauty and neo-classical burlesque incorporating the art of aerial,” the foolishness required to miss L’Opera is nearly inconceivable to us. There will also be a magician.

When: Tuesday, April 15, 9pm
Where: Duane Park
Tickets: Free with dinner or drinks!

L'opera burlesque

3. WEDNESDAY: The MATA festival

MATA’s slogan “Young composers—now!” takes on a literal dimension throughout the week, as the the MATA Festival presents a series of concerts and discussions highlighting the work of young composers…now. Wednesday’s peformance, “Between Noise and Silence” features six of today’s major rising noise and/or silence talents, with a freshly commissioned work by Japanese composer Hikari Kiyama. Very very foolish to miss this one.

When: Wednesday, April 16, 8pm
Where: The Kitchen
Tickets: $20 adults / $15 students

4. THURSDAY: Bach, Revisited

So here’s an interesting one. If you’re familiar with how music performance works, you’ll know that a composition is usually played from beginning to end in a concert. For this one though, esteemed composer and concert curator Joan Tower is splicing in her own works between movements of Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 5. Consequently, Bach, Revisited would be very foolish to miss indeed.

When: Thursday, April 17, 8pm
Where: Miller Theatre at Columbia University
Tickets: $25-$35

Bach turkeys

5. SATURDAY: Pomerium—Passion and Resurrection Motets of the Renaissance

Medieval and Renaissance history is trending this spring, and attending this concert at The Cloisters is a fantastic way to proclaim your musical and historical hipness. Afterwards you’ll be able to be like “this weekend? Oh I just went to The Cloisters—do you know The Cloisters?—to hear this Renaissance motet concert. It was amazing. Like really fabulous.” Who wouldn’t want to be able to say that? It would be straight-up foolish to turn down such an opportunity.

When: Saturday, April 19, 1pm & 3pm
Where: The Cloisters
Tickets: Free with admission to the museum ($25 adults, $17 seniors, $12 students)