Meta Fridays: Facebook Event Marketing

In our inaugural meta Friday post, we’ve compiled a list of all the great lists written recently about how to utilize a fascinating new website called “Facebook” to get word or words out about your event. Let us proceed to get meta: Constant Contact

8 Ways to Create Shareable Social Media Content

According to Jonah Peretti, founder and CEO of BuzzFeed, creating content people love to share is the key to success… Associations Now

Maybe Facebook Marketing is Really Worth it

Lots of marketers go back and forth when it comes to Facebook. Is it worth it? Is it a waste of time?… Social Media Week

Why Twitter is More Valuable than Facebook for Event Marketing

Want to quantify exactly how much revenue is being generated by a social media share?… Grandstand Ink

25 Event Strategies For Facebook And Twitter

25 actionable tips your event can easily implement… Social Media Examiner

How to Use Targeted Facebook Ads to Promote an Event

Targeted Facebook ads are an ideal way to reach people who are most likely to share and attend your event… MeetingsNet

How Twitter Going All Facebooky Could Affect Event Marketing

Twitter recently unveiled some platform design tweaks that make it look and feel more like Facebook—and that potentially could make it a better tool for event marketing… MTG PLNR

How to Use Facebook Effectively for Marketing Events

At this point, everyone is jumping on Facebook to promote their event. It’s not surprising… MTG PLNR


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