Marketing an event online the proper way

Humans, like the rest of the animal kingdom except for maybe that one dog who’s ridiculously great at selling sunscreen, were not born marketers. We are natural sleepers. We are natural eaters. And we are natural reproducers (though, you know, everyone has dry spells). But we are decidedly not natural marketers.

Marketing is a special combination of selling something and creative thinking that is hard. It is really hard. Which is the precise reason that we at Peatix—we, who in addition to being natural sleepers, eaters and reproducers are also natural ticketing fiends—provide tools that enable event organizers to promote and market their events with the complete naturaleness of a Pygmy Seahorse doing its thing. So please join us on one of our more magical blog journeys as we explore promoting and marketing events on Peatix.

All the marketing you will ever do on Peatix starts with the promotions tab. Behold:

Promotion tab

The promotions tab is considered a crowning achievement in tab design, and is the rightmost of all the tabs when you go to edit an event.

At any rate, once clicked, three options present themselves:

Promotion options

These three things—widget, social media and email invitaiton—when used in harmony with each other go a long way towards ensuring a robustly attended and totally awesome event. Let’s explore them together, shall we?

The Widget

Event widget

The widget can seem intimidating. But really if you have access to your website’s backend all you do is thrown in those few lines of code. The widget then lets ticket buyers purchase directly from your web page rather than being redirected to your Peatix event page. You can also adjust the size of the widget, the color and whether the attendees are displayed or not. Moving on!

Social Media

If I were writing this in 2007, I might say something like “Social media, and especially sites like Facebook and Twitter, are going to completely change the way we interact with each other and do business.” Well, now we’re all over it, and yes things have changed and yes we have to cultivate a presence on these sites no matter how much you’d rather just sit back and sleep, eat and reproduce.

Social media event marketing

Above we see the standard options to post to Fbook and Tter, as well as the option to create a Facebook event with one click using the information on your event page. The checkbox at the bottom enables or disables Facebook comments on the event page itself. Onwards!

Email Invitation

Event email invitation

The email invitation tool is particularly useful for larger events, when the organizer may want to send out a large email blast while remaining anonymous. Peatix sends out the invitations for you, and if any of the potential attendees have questions they can contact you through Peatix. And email addresses used for previous events are stored here under “Email addresses used,” which is all kinds of convenient.

Journey complete! Now that the information and tools are available to sell out an event, we can get back to doing the gross, primordial, indulgent lazy things we are all best at. Hooray.