How to throw the most kickass, badass, great ass Deadpool party!

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Deadpool will finally be released in a week and we cannot wait to catch it in the theatres. The marketing campaign for Deadpool has been one of the most creative that we have seen come out of Hollywood. Timing the release close to Valentine’s day, they have run ads that have positioned the movie as a romantic one instead of the action packed thriller it is. We took the cue from the ad campaigns to inspire our Deadpool party. 

Pretend that you are throwing a Valentine’s day Party

We are taking the cue from the Deadpool marketing campaign for this one! We loved the element of surprise that the marketing campaign conveyed. So you could tell your attendees that you are throwing a V Day party and have them show up to an actual Deadpool party. Or you could simply incorporate the element of surprise into various aspects of your event if they are already aware of the theme right from the start. For instance, you could serve them mystery drink roulette: Each person will be served a tray with 3 similar looking clear drinks. One will contain water, another vodka, and the last could be gin. They will never know which is which, and will have to choose a drink randomly. Just make sure none of your guests are allergic to alcohol before playing this game.  

Colour Schemes: Black, red, and metallic 

Deadpool’s trademark colours are blood red and black! Spruce up your venue with black and red decorations, and set it off with metallic or white accents. You can customise the atmosphere of the event by changing up your venue. If you are going for a classy vibe, choose a venue with an airy feel, one with lots of windows and blank walls so that it can offset the moodiness of the deep colours. If you are throwing a birthday party or some casual affair, use more fun elements like balloons to bring across the theme. 

Games: Be wicked 

This is one of those times, it’s cool to be mean. Introduce games that will allow the wit of your friends to come through! Bring out cards against humanity. Make it more fun by introducing a drinking game element as you play cards against humanity. This combination has proven to bring out the wicked side of the players. This would be a perfect fit for your party, if your friends are more verbose. If they like to get physical, feel free to introduce more games. Deadpool’s character loves to be childish and quirky. So even if you were to play twister, laser tag etc, simply add in creative punishments and it’s bound to be a hit. 

Food: As long as you have Chimichanga

A deadpool party is never complete without Chimichanga! He loves them, so therefore you should serve them at your party.But they can be quite substantial, and your guests might end up falling asleep after slipping into a food coma. We suggest you serve them in small portions, so that they can enjoy it and still continue on partying. For adult parties, think of martinis, cocktails that you can mix up that are slightly wicked and naughty on the taste buds! Hint: Add a bit of spice to your drinks. 


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The spirit of Deadpool is about not taking yourself seriously. Throw a kickass party, have a grand time with your friends, and know in your heart that you would have done Deadpool proud. 




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Shilpa S Nath is addicted to event planning. She has been organizing events for the past 10 years from dance concerts to community events attended by 300 people, high tea seminars for C-level executives, and Southeast Asia’s largest tech conference for startups attended by 3,000 participants from over 30 countries.