How to throw a Star Wars themed party!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be released on 17 December 2015! And we cannot wait to catch it with our friends. In the meantime, we can always throw a party to reminisce the good old original trilogy.  Star Wars is such a cool theme to use because it is so versatile, and can be incorporated into any party! Is it for your wedding? Or kids party? Graduation?  A Star Wars movie marathon (Star Wars Inception!)? For your Christmas party? No worries, Star Wars is the perfect theme for your event. 


Step 1: Choose your Decorations

When it comes to Star Wars, you go hard or you go home! There is no halfway point when it comes to the decorations. It has to be your homage to star wars but with your spin on it for the various themed parties.

For simple DIY projects, consider the following templates you can use off the internet:

Star Wars Banner with template 


For a Christmas party, consider “snowflakes” that you can hang around your venue.

Use Quotes for your Photo booth

For more inspirations, just check out Pinterest! It is filled with more great ideas on how you can tie in Star Wars to your party. 

Step 2: Star Wars Food & Drinks

The ideas for Star Wars inspired food is sweet;macaroons, drinks, candies. The list is limitless and if you are short on time, simply print out food labels and stick them next to your food, and you are done! 


Get the recipe by clicking on the image.


Ain’t no marshmellow fiercer!


Any food can be “Star Wars-ified” with a witty food label. Print your own labels by clicking on the image.


Is it too soon to make this joke? Han Solo in a Jelly trap, and with mini jello shots to boot.

Step 3: Music 

The importance of music to set the mood for the party cannot be emphasised enough. Dim your lights a little, and play the beautiful iconic music of Star Wars and your party is made. 

Get the groove going at your party!

You can stream the music from Spotify, and if you are premium account you won’t even have to listen to ads: Star Wars soundtrack from Episode 1-6.

Bonus: Lightsaber Fights!

Is any party complete without a lightsaber fight?

Fight! Fight! Fight!

If you are on a budget, and want to DIY your own lightsaber, fret not. All it takes are a foam tube and a glow stick. Instructions to build your own lightsaber can be found here.

Share your ideas for a kickass Star Wars party in the comments section!

star wars-peatix-blog

Perhaps the only thing Anakin Skywalker was right about!

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