How to sell tickets on a Facebook event

Okay, fair warning: this post will be a little dry. But like high desert dry where it doesn’t rain a lot but the temperature is alright so it’s still more or less tolerable. So…um, read on!

Facebook events. Everyone’s made one, but not everyone can have a designated “Get Tickets” section for their event. True story; for evidently no good reason only group pages can have the Get Tickets link on their event page. Lonely individuals are relegated to including a link to tickets in the description or comments of the event. Here is what I mean:

Facebook Event for a Group w/ Get Tickets link:

Facebook Get Tickets link

(By the way, Peatix can set this up for you in but one click)

Facebook Event for an Individual:

Where is the Facebook get tickets link?

You can see how unjust this all is. But let’s take a step back. You aren’t able to create tickets on Facebook itself; Facebook events are only good for RSVPs. The Get Tickets link—wherever it is in the event description—links to a separate event page you set up to sell tickets (cough Peatix cough. Excuse me!). Here is the full set of directions Facebook suggests for adding a Get Tickets link:

If you’ve already created an event for your Page and you want to add a link for people to buy tickets to it, edit your Page’s event:

1. Go to your Page’s event
2. Click Edit in the upper-right corner
3. Next to Tickets, enter the web address where people can buy tickets to your event
4. Click Save

When people visit your Page’s event, they’ll see a link to Get Tickets, which will send them to the web address you provided.

So very straightforward. Adding a Get Tickets section on a Facebook event simply gives attendees an easy way to spot where to go get tickets. And that wasn’t all so dry, was it? Unexpectedly exhilarating, if you ask me.