How to sell tickets directly on a website

Some people, when they give birth, prefer to do it in the comfort of their own homes. The familiarity of one’s home coupled with the very personal nature of the occasion provides the home birther more than enough reason to forego whatever advantages a hospital setup might supply.

So also with ticketed events. Setting up ticketing has the potential to elicit the same brand of solemn joy as birthing, but some prefer to do it in the comfort of their own website rather that direct people to an unfamiliar site where ticket buying is performed impersonally and indifferently thousands of times a day. So how, then, do we birth your event in such a way that is safe and responsible, yet still maintains a close, trustworthy bond with ticket buyers?

Newborn ticket

The answer, strangely enough, is something that sounds equally likely to be used in obstetrics as in ticketing: the widget.

The widget is the midwife equivalent of ticket selling: you can still use a ticketing service (namely Peatix) to take care of all ticket logistics (sales tracking, ticket code creation, messaging, check-in tools, ect.) but with the advantage that ticket sales take place directly on the webpage of your choice.

And how would one go about setting up a ticketing widget? Well my event-expecting friend, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to do just that on Peatix:

1. Set up an event
This step is key: there are not going to be any tickets without an event for which to sell them.

Briss bash tickets

2. Fill in info about your event and publish it
Once you have filled in the address, time and event description, you can go ahead and publish it. After publishing, go ahead and click on the Promote tab.

Briss Party

3. Customize your widget!
You are able to adjust the widget’s color, width and whether other attendees’ photos are displayed.

Custom ticket widget

4. Paste the code into your website
This part can be a little intimidating if you avoid HTML like the midterm elections. But really it’s quite simple—see, I just did it here!:

Just toss the code into any place on your website and let the tickets flow.

Well that about does it for our first tutorial on obstetrics and ticketology. Check back on the blog soon when we investigate music you can play at your event to make your guests behave intelligently.