How To Increase Your Event’s Chances Of Media Publicity

So you have an event coming up: Congratulations! Now comes the part where you’re looking for ways to get the word out to your event’s target audience. Getting the media to talk about your event is one way you can amplify your reach to a following you’ve yet to gain.

But before you eye having your event on the media, you’ll first need to get a foot in the door with a solid pitch. If you’re about to write one for your event, here are six ways you can increase your chances of the media taking it on as part of their next publication.

Know your media inside and out

You can’t expect the media to publicise your event if you don’t know anything about the media itself. For example, if you want to be in the newspapers, then read your choice newspapers early and often. Look at their editorial teams and what they focus on. If you want to be on TV, figure out which shows would highlight your event and check out their previous episodes and fanbase. You’ll have a better chance of your pitch going through if it sounds like you’re pitching directly to a medium you know much about, instead of pleading to anyone who’ll listen.



Contextualise your event

People in media are more likely to publicise your event if it ties into other relevant topics their readers, listeners, and audience are also tuning into right now. If your event is connected to other issues that eyeballs are trained on at the moment, make it clear off the bat. It won’t just be your event that sounds relevant; the media will seem all the more current for picking up your pitch. It’s a win-win!

Bundle many scoops in one pitch

Instead of pitching for your event and your event alone, take a look around at the scene you’re in and pitch a larger scope to the media of your choice. For example, if your event is environmentally conscious, find other similarly responsible efforts in your community and pitch it to the media as an article on eco-awareness! It doesn’t always have to be a competition. A mention in a listicle or round-up is publicity as good as any.

Gift tickets or bundle it with other goodies to the Instagram-famous

Instagram is where this generation’s celebrities live. Even the media bows down to the potential virality of Instagram’s every move. Since they both share and want each other’s audiences, strategically spreading word of your event on Instagram first could make them more open to publicising it too.

Research the press you want to send your release to

You’re more likely to get your desired media to publicise your event if you pitch to a member of the press team who already is interested in these issues. Do your research and see what they’re invested in. When you write your pitch, it’ll be as if you’re writing to convince them directly, based on what they know and are keen on covering.


Credit: Forbes

You’re more likely to get better reach with online media over print media if your audience is web savvy. Credit: Forbes

Respect them as how you’d like to be respected

Remember that all forms of publicity is essentially free advertising. To get the media interested in advertising your event for free, you’ll certainly need to demonstrate some respect for the work they’ve already done, so that you can be part of the work they’re about to do.