How Big Brothers Big Sisters Increased Event Revenue By 15%

hunded dolla bill
Above: Ben Franklin’s portrayal of the funds raised by Big Brothers Big Sisters

On August 9, 2014, something completely exceptional happened in New York City. It wasn’t that a full couch was brought on the subway, or a grill was brought on the subway, or even that a deceased shark was left on the subway. It was altogether more remarkable than all those things.

Because on August 9, the Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC held a charity softball tournament. In order to enter the tournament, soft ballers were required to pay an entry fee of $25. In total 65 people purchased tickets. Any halfway decent calculator should be able to tell you at this point how much Big Brothers Big Sisters took in for their organization.

Halfway decent sea creature
Above: What you get when you Google “halfway decent calculator”

Yet the revenue from their softball tournament was several hundred dollars more than one or one’s calculator would expect from math. What was going on here? Was there, perhaps, foul play involved? Did some base person steal something here? Was their bank account simply on steroids?

Nothing of the sort. You see, BBBS took advantage of a particular feature offered on Peatix called Contributions. On an event page, it looks like this:

Event Contributions

What happened here, then, was that a few kind souls, charitably unsatisfied with the price of their ticket, or else not able to attend the tournament, made contributions to BBBS that amounted to a significant addition of their overall haul. What is more, the Contributors were given due acknowledgement on the event page, which makes their names all the more Googlable. They’re basically famous.

Contribution button

To conclude here, the Peatix Contribution feature is like the ticket technology-advancement equivalent of bank accounts with interest. The Contribution is not just another type of ticket—it’s central to the event page, a natural extension of the ticketing process that allows organizers to raise extra funds literally without doing anything. The Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC significantly increased their intake from their event by allowing patrons to quickly execute donations—so much so, in fact, that some contributed twice.

If you desire to know more about Contributions—and who doesn’t—please kindly direct your attention to our help page: