Hello… From the other side.

We get it. One key aspect of building your community through events entails engaging your attendees not just during the event, but maintaining that engagement both before and after, which is why we’ve built-in a variety of features on Peatix that empowers the organiser to do just that – the ability to communicate and stay in touch prior and beyond meeting your attendees up close and personal.

One such key functions include the ability to message your event attendees through the “Attendees” and “Sales List” tabs in your organiser account long after the event has concluded. However, change is coming and we’ll be limiting that duration of communication between organisers to attendees to 30 days following the completion of the event. What this simply means is, organisers will no longer be able to message their event attendees using the above functions, after 30 days from when the event has ended.

But why you ask? The 2 functions were originally created to facilitate ease of communication between organisers and attendees of a specific event, which may include updates and changes relating to the event in question. Unfortunately sometimes, irrelevant, dated and unrelated promotional content are sent using the stated functions even long after the event has concluded and we (as we’re sure you could) empathise with how frustrating it must be to receive unsolicited content. Hence, we’re tweaking the feature with a 30-day post-event limitation, to better reflect the function’s original intended purpose in a way that would best serve the interests of both organisers and attendees.

However, fret not, this isn’t goodbye forever and we’d like to bring to your attention 2 legitimate ways to continue saying “Hello” from the other side (without seeming like a creepy stalker):

1.The Group Messaging Function

Encourage attendees to follow your group (either through your group or event page) and use the “Group Messaging” function to stay in touch and keep them updated of future events! Followers will automatically receive emails and notifications when you publish a new event or choose between messaging all your followers or individual members selectively anytime for any ad-hoc updates.

2. Custom Built Forms

We understand that there’s a bigger universe out there and there may be times where you’d prefer to integrate your communities across the different realms or you may have a CRM system that helps manage your customer data. While we aren’t permitted to pass on your attendees’ data to you due to privacy laws, we’ve enabled the ability for you to custom build data collection forms, which could help you capture the information you need via field entries from these attendees. You can customise this form, based on the information you would like to collect (email address, contact details, social handles etc…) and subsequently contact your attendees (following their permissions of course) via alternative modes of communications to keep the conversation going.

There we have it. While we couldn’t stress enough the importance of keeping your community engaged beyond the actual event, the art of the craft lies in ensuring you get the relevant message out to the right peeps via the appropriate channel of communication. So again, this isn’t goodbye, it’s really just Hello from the other side.


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Michelle’s the resident social media crackhead at Peatix. By day, she’s splits her time between being a neurotic stalker who prowls through the deep, dark web, tapping into conversations of what people are saying (or not) while twiddling with creative campaigns & by night, you’d find her entrenched in the rabbit hole of geek reads ranging from the likes of politics, conspiracy theories to pop-culture.  Likes her coffee black and her conversations dark.